postheadericon Why Use A Humidor For Cigar Storage And How Can They Benefit?

New cigar smokers often wonder why use a humidor for cigar storage in the first place. Generally, those who may not smoke regularly may not see much benefit in having one. However, there are those who may enjoy a good cigar often enough and might like to have a fresh one ready for them, or simply for the sake of having them nearby for special occasions or guests.

Humidors are typically small, wooden boxes that store humidity in a controlled or ideal temperature. They’re generally gauged, regardless of their size, by what is referred to as a hygrometer. They often store cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarettes and even collector’s items in order to help preserve them more effectively.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, being something that’s commonly used for commercial and personal reasons. The materials in which they’re made of can also vary, being anything from acrylic glass to wood boxes. In many cases, they’re made from Spanish cedar wood or mahogany. Boxes may also be made from different materials at the same time, depending on the person’s overall preference.

Sizes can range from big to small, depending on the individual’s intent or frequent smoking needs. Many consumers often go with a traditional, small box to store their cigars in, while others may prefer something substantially larger, or may even wish to have a mix of materials in order to display their impressive collection with pride. Some types of humidors may be simple in their design, while others may feature elaborate detailing when necessary or preferred in the long run.

There are also walk-in sizes that one can have professionally installed. While these are commonly used by commercial sellers, many people who can afford it often choose to do so. However, should you be deciding on trying walk-in or a large, box-type humidor, then it’s important to make sure that you can actually fill it up with cigars.

Aside from any materials, styles and sizes that are commonly offered, they also are typically categorized by classification. There are, for example, room humidors that are more designed for bars or stores, but can also be used within the home. There are also cabinet-sized ones, which can generally hold about 1000 to 5000 cigars. Both of these classification often come with elaborate systems to help control the temperature more effectively, making them great to store other items as well.

Table humidors are another classification that are often ornately made from various materials such as marble or glass. While they’re technically portable, many keep them in one spot due to their size and weight, being that they can hold several thousand pieces. The smallest versions are the personal and travel sizes, with the personal version holding up to 75 pieces, and the smaller travel type carry anything from 10 to about 40 cigars in total.

While new cigar enthusiasts may question why use a humidor for cigar storage, many find that there is a great amount of benefit in being able to keep their cigars at hand and consistently fresh. However, there is generally some maintenance involved with having one, which can sometimes vary on the size, type, or materials that are used. Some, however, may require little maintenance, should they have an elaborate system that’s equipped for it.

To keep cigars in optimum condition, you can make use of a good humidor for storage. You can find a quality cigar humidor as a gift for a friend or yourself.

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