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Blackjack-Unlimited operates website that offers free-play and subscription-based blackjack game from its Internet site, with the possibility of winning monthly cash prizes. Different variations of the blackjack are currently available: six-decks classical blackjack, four decks European Blackjack game and single-deck shoes. Players don’t need to download any software, but can play instantly via a Flash interface. Players stake virtual “chips” or points, which have no value outside the game and are not transferable to anywhere or anybody else. Bet size is limited to 200 of these virtual “chip” points per hand.

A unique feature of Blackjack Unlimited is the “Gaming Power” concept. While allowing the customers to play daily, it exercises a subtle yet effective responsible gaming control by limiting number of hands per game, number of games each player is permitted to play each day, and finally the size of any particular bet (even though all bets are made in the virtual currency). Gaming Power is an expression of the combination of all three of these factors, rather than a mere increase in, say, the number of chips.

Gaming Power could be increased by either (i) visiting sponsor Sites, (ii) appealing pals to play on Blackjack Unlimited, (iii) voting on Blackjack-Unlimited Facebook fanpage, and, finally (iv) by purchasing a subscription (this last choice is to be launched soon). As said by Blackjack Unlimited expert, there are going to be a variety of subscription plans ranging from Default to Platinum, ranging in cost from free of charge to $100 monthly the most. No person is required to purchase anything to be able to play on Blackjack Unlimited.

The Gaming Power concept is unique to Blackjack Unlimited, and combines responsible gaming, a subscription plans, and the “no purchase required to enter” principle. Since any participant can play, win prize, and enhance his or her standing by skilled play on its own, even unto winning cash prizes eventually, that means that no consideration is required to play, even though subscriptions are offered at the same time.

There is certainly an element of chance, since blackjack would be considered a game of chance, because chance is the predominant element. First, chance determines the order of cards in the shoe. Neither dealer nor player has any control about which card will surface in which order. Second, because they are shuffled, they necessarily appear in a random order. Therefore blackjack is heavily influenced by chance- indeed chance can be reasonably said to be the deciding factor.

Another concept that is much slippery than it looks, is cash prize. A prize may be anything offered as the stimulus of a competition, if talk technically. As interpreted in the law of gambling, prize means some thing of substantial and transferable value. Since online gamers can prefer to play for something of value, the element of prize is certainly existing in the cash play and tournaments offered by Blackjack Unlimited.

To conclude, web-based blackjack offered by Blackjack Unlimited may be described as ‘no purchase necessary sweepstakes”, in which the component of consideration does not exist, because users do not need to buy anything in order to play, but may yet win. In free-of-charge games, certainly, consideration does not exist. The factor of chance is a substantive or deciding feature in the result of game. The element of prize exists, because cash can be awarded.

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