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There is a program called roulette killer that is a popular roulette betting program and it was early 2007 when it first came about. From the moment this program was released, it was heavily promoted by online marketers so they could get a commission.

You will find a lot of positive reviews about it when you search for reviews for it online, however none of this good feedback is true. If you ever see a roulette software program or eBook available to buy on the internet, all the affiliate reviews that you will see will be positive but untrue.

With roulette killer, you simply have to enter into it what the last ten numbers were, then you will be told how to bet by it. It will always tell you place your bets on outside ones that over the past ten spins have come up the least.

So, if you got 8 reds and only 2 blacks in the last ten spins, you will be told to place your next bet on black. This will not work however long-term, strategies like this are well known for not being effective at all.

The website for roulette killer is what makes it a complete and utter con, as it has lots of lies on it. One the lie is where you are told by the seller that there are just three simple steps that you need to do to win at roulette.

He says that in one month he makes well over $10,000. He has even posted pictures of luxury items that he so-called owns onto his website. There is also a shot of his apparent online bank statement that shows a balance of half a million dollars.

It is really irrelevant whether the bank balance picture is real or not to be honest, as he could be this rich, but he could have scammed people to get in that position. One thing’s for sure he definitely did not win that money from winning at online roulette.

Overall roulette killer is a program that you should definitely stay away from. Of course, despite this review and many other warnings around the Internet people will still be fooled due to the amount of fake reviews that are out there.

Locating impartial reviews of roulette strategies can be difficult. This is because of the affiliates who just write blatant lies to make sales. One site where the reviews are impartial is here

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