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A significant component of the game of poker, even free online poker is the ability to walk away from a table at the right time. For example, you’ve settled in for an eight hour 1-2 No Limits game. Your starting bankroll is two hundred Dollars. You have been playing for only 2 hours and are up to 600 dollars, should you walk away?

Or, on a less positive note, after two hours you’re down 300, and had only budgeted that much as your maximum allowed loss. Do you go get more money from the ATM or bail out and go home on a bit of a downer?

These scenarios seem quite simple, but the bottom line is, having the self discipline and awareness of your bankroll is extremely important. In games I’ve played I’ve done things like played 2 hours and won 600 and then lost it all over the next 6 hours.

Often times I am set on playing for a certain period of time, and will not call it quits until that time is reached. Discipline is a component of my game that I must continue to work on if I plan on seeing positive results at the poker table.

Let’s explore another scenario. I have been playing at a 1-2 NL table for 2 hours, I am stuck 600. Over the next 6 hours, I claw my way back to almost even, and am down 30 dollars.

What should I do? Seeing that I made my way back to almost even, should I continue playing due to my hot streak? Or seeing that I was able to make it back to even, should I just call it a day and walk away with a minimal loss?

It’s very easy to make the error of playing on and end up losing all the money you worked so hard to get back. My advice based on personal experience, it is best to walk away after hours of clawing your way back from a large deficit.

Here is one more scenario for all of you to contemplate. You are at a table that is throwing chips around like they have no value attached to them. Players are going all in with Ace rags and they are losing hundreds of dollars and do not seem to care.

Their bankrolls are obviously large and it seems as if they could keep up this reckless play for hours. Your bankroll is small, but you feel that this may be an opportunity for you to double up or even triple up.

Is this type of table ideal? Or are you better off to play at a tighter table with more skilled players?

I have often made the mistake of staying at a table of reckless players with a minimal bank roll. When I lose a 200 dollar pot, I am half way to losing my entire bank roll. When those reckless donkeys lose 200, they pull out more cash like its monopoly money.

The bottom line is that a good skilled player should not fall to the temptation of playing with reckless donkeys.

In summary I strongly advise that you play games with tighter, if better players and win more small pots as opposed to taking large risks on bigger pots and maybe losing your bankroll totally. Plus, if you are less experienced start small, %LINK2% first and learn the basics of the game. Get good on these and then move up and start to risk real money. If you are a total novice then good free sites will have how to play poker for beginners sections which I advise you check out before playing.

Don’t lose money learning, play free poker at free poker games sites like first and when you feel ready move into lower stakes money poker. If you are new to online poker then the how to play poker for beginners lessons are a perfect way to learn how to play poker online for free.

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