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People new to the gambling scene may have never heard of sports arbitrage betting before and may be skeptical to how it can produce profits in the long run

What you essentially do in this form of betting is take advantage of the fact that there are differing opinions on the outcome of an event between the hundreds of bookmakers out there. This is not a new idea, pro gamblers have been making money using arbitrage methods for as long as bookies have been taking action, only now with the advent of the internet has it become so easy for anyone to pick up however.

So why is this type of betting risk free you might ask? quite simply when you place an arb bet you are looking for differing opinions so much so that regardless of the outcome of the sporting event your bet will win. So any team can win and because of the differing odds and the size of the wagers you have placed profit is yours.

Arbitrage betting is not as simple as one bookmaker going out and putting up a high price of 3/1 on Team A while another bookmaker comes out and puts up odds of 1/2 for the same team. No it is not as simple as that. However when there are some differences between the bookmakers odds there comes a point where it is possible for you to place bets in such a fashion that, win lose or draw your bet will profit.

This is the real testament of arbitrage betting. No matter what the outcome of the particular event you are guaranteed a profit because of the differing odds set by the bookmakers and the particular wagers you placed to capitalize on these odds.

Arb betting is where the real safe money is with betting, you can be sure where your money is and how much you are winning. With all other forms of gambling methods and systems there are great risks to your money. With arb betting you know 100% how much money you will make before the event even starts!

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