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postheadericon The Planet of the Apes Meets Online Poker

I’m sure everyone at one time or another has seen a painting of a group of gentlemanly canines engaged in an anthropomorphic game of poker as created by Cassius Coolidge in his wonderful series of poker playing dog paintings. But check this out, the artists whimsicality was not entirely removed from reality. You may be nave enough to think that chips and chimps cannot play together as a team and it sounds more like something out of a Douglas Adams novel. Should you ever play online poker with a player who has an ape photo for his icon, it may not have been just a player with an odd sense of humor, the dude that took your money by his excellent play may really be a poker playing primate. I kid you not. Apes can do a lot more than wield tools in this twenty first century of technological advances and “intelligence explosion” they can also beat you at online poker.

Primate Programming Inc has established that great apes (sharing 97% of their DNA with us) make efficient IT specialists. Individuals are employed by PPI, undergo training and offer their services to PPI clients for peanuts. A later PPI discovery was that the same employees, for purposes of pastime or secondary sources of income, are capable of being taught to play online poker, evincing particular talent for no-limit Texas Hold’em.

These card-playing apes are drawn to no-limit poker due to their natural bent for playful displays of aggression. So, this particular feature enables them to be particularly proficient at aggressive bluffing. In no-limit games, any player can bet his entire wad at any time, a strategy (?) requiring risky, aggressive behavior and the ability to retain a poker face while bluffing.

Since online poker games are anonymous, this helps our poker playing primates. You cannot determine who is of the human persuasion versus the ape persuasion. The human types have actually lost thousands of dollars to a player who played the early rounds with betting very little money and showed lame cards on a regular basis then out of the blue bet big time, of course, everyone in the game called, and the big time better revealed aces. Our winner was undoubtedly jumping up and down and pounding his chest in glee.

Apparently, and not coincidentally, the primate poker players early employment as computer programmers led them to independently, according to PPI, create programs to aid and abet their poker game. PPI is not talking about the specific contents of these programs. These apes could have a professional online poker career, but that is not their nature. Once outside the office, they will probably neglect their training and revert to being the real primates they are, propelling themselves with their arms from branch to branch and climbing fences. In any case as long as they are paid, fed and have their girlfriends and boyfriends nearby, they will continue with their poker games. Authors of no-limit poker books should take note. They may have to come up with some rewrites.

There is ongoing investment of money and effort taking place in the research of these programmer apes. Norm McAuliffe, a Yale biology Phd and the scientist leading the discovery research team at Primate Poker Inc is now hiring profitable primate-players to play for cash in rotation shifts 24/7. Mr. McAulliffe is very much committed to his business model and plans to continue his work.

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postheadericon Have Fun On Online Table Games

Gambling debuted on Internet few years back and it has done so in flying colors. Getting signed up for indulging in it online is easy and so is winning cool prizes. Every game that can be played in a normal casino can be enjoyed on the Internet based portals. The rewards are high and have pushed the stakes for the portals as well. Want to know the way to have fun gambling online? If yes, then read on.

One can start by getting an account created at a decent web based gambling portal. Then, get some money into the account and start with the proceedings. Players belonging to different regions enjoy these easy accessible portals. The rules for playing remain same as traditional casinos, but the amount of fun is definitely much higher. Impartial software tools ensure fair play during the game.

In earlier times, players needed to locate a place to gamble and brave all odds to reach there. This is not needed anymore as Internet has brought the portal for same to the computer screen. Such portals have brought Las Vegas right to doorsteps of every single individual.

All sorts of games are available on these portals. Whether an individual is fan of Roulette or wants to enjoy a game of Bingo, he or she can enjoy it with ease. Some easy formalities are required to be completed and one can hit the deck. Those playing for first time can seek the promotional bonus, which is offered by numerous sites.

While in conventional casinos, players are forbidden to discuss anything. This is not the case on the Internet based portals. Dedicated chat rooms are available where the players can discuss almost any thing under the sun. They can also check out the articles sections on these websites where useful tips are always available.

In a bid to attract first time gamblers, numerous portals offer accounts with no initial deposit. Here, one can enjoy gambling without making any deposit. These sites are good for learning purposes as well as one can get knowledge of the procedure without losing anything. Scouting for such portals can be considered before beginning to gamble with real money.

As per various estimates, millions of dollars are won by online gamblers every now and then. The rewards of jackpots are even higher than those offered elsewhere. Every time is the right time to start and have fun gambling online.

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postheadericon Why Las Vegas USA Online Casino Is The Most Famous Casino Online

Las Vegas is seen as the home of gambling; people from all over the world go to Vegas when they want to gamble and have a good time. But thanks to the internet, you can now enjoy all the spoils of Las Vegas without having to pay the cost of a plane ticket and a hotel bill. Thanks to the internet you can enjoy all the gambling delights of Las Vegas wherever you are; gaming websites such as Las Vegas USA Casino online compete with each other to provide the safest form of gambling as well as give great bonuses to its players.

Majority of online casinos are available to players with internet access and a computer or laptop; these sites give players the option to download a flash version of their favorite games as well as casino software onto their computer to help enhance their experience. Players can also preview the games available before they play, this allows them to get acquainted and learn the rules before they bet with real money.

Online casinos boast a huge variety of casino games; they have over ninety casino games on offer, these include every casino game imaginable and many more. They are also famous for organizing various competitive online tournaments with high value stakes and jackpots.

To ensure the safety and comfort of their customers, online casino websites offers efficient and trouble free customer services and payment systems. They have qualified customer service support staff on hand 24/7 to deal with any queries you might have whiles online. They are on hand to provide virtual assistance or if you prefer the personal touch, you can telephone a customer service agent anytime of the day.

To make online gambling easy and accessible to you, there are also several ways to make payments or deposits. You can choose over a dozen well known methods such as cards, transfers and money order. It is all down to the preference of the customer and whichever payment method is convenient for them.

Online casinos have also made their payments and deposit systems very flexible for all our players. Payments can be made through always all well known payment avenues the choice is yours, you can pick which ever method is convenient for you.

Most online casinos offer promotions and bonuses to their customers some offer better jackpots than others, that side of the business is very competitive. Newly joined customers are welcomed with a generous bonus on first deposits. To encourage customers to use our preferred payments the casino gives additional bonus when they make deposits that way.

Gaming websites also have bonuses and promotion schemes to welcome their new customers, they help them settle in with attractive bonus packages on any first deposit made. Those who use preferred payments are rewarded with an additional bonuses. They always take care of new customers and online casino are famous for their bonus and promotions.

These days online casinos take even better care of their existing customers, as a way to thank them for their loyalty they give generous bonuses whenever they refer a friend. There are also rewards and a points system which adds money to the accounts of their beloved customers.Las Vegas USA Casino online is one of the many online gaming sites that give the ultimate Las Vegas experience to customers whiles making sure their secure payment systems protect their details.In addition, their bonuses, tournaments and promotions probably makes them the most famous online casino there is.

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postheadericon Why Cherry Red Casino Is The Best Casino Online

Cherry Red Casino is finally opened, after so much hype and anticipation, it has not disappointed. Reviewers, industry insiders and regular online gamblers have all given the site a thumps up thanks to the incorporated bright lights and special effects. Cherry Red transports it’s visitors straight to Vegas.

Cherry Red is owned by Rushpod Investments NV who operate from Curacao; the site is open to all adults who have access to the internet and a PC. Cherry Red is about convenience and flexibility, it does this by bring the gambling to you in your own home. Regardless of which part of the world you come from, any payments made or monies deposited are converted into dollars so there is no misunderstanding.

The Real time Gaming (RTG) platform used by Cherry Red has a lot of graphics and flexibility. It also allows customers download their favorite games onto their computers or play it instantly online. The online casino has a great atmosphere that gamers will love.

If you are new to the internet or online gambling don’t worry, Cherry Red has demonstration games where you play with fake money. This allows you to become familiar with the rules and the games before you start playing with your own money.

Being one of the latest casinos on the block, Cherry Red has both the latest and some of the old school favorites for all types of gamers. The casino stocks over a hundred video games, jackpots, roulette and slots to mention a few, customers are spoilt for choice.

Aside from the games, Cherry Red has great bonuses that attract a lot of gamers; they offer to match the first nine deposits of new customers under eight hundred dollars. But loyal repeat gamers are not forgotten, there are handsome packages available for them.

At Cherry Red, existing customers are taken care of as well, it also offers special video poker, blackjack and slots bonuses as well as a weekly and weekend bonus structure. All it takes to qualify for these offers is to make a minimum deposit of $30 and to play with your deposit as well as any bonus given at least 15 times before making any withdrawals.

When it comes to making deposits, no one makes it easier than Cherry Red for customers to make deposits, the casino offers many payment options, traditional options such as card payments and nontraditional such as money transfers to customers. These options are in place to offer the customers convenience; this also applies when it comes to withdrawals, they have a 98.46% payout rate.

Cherry Red offers its customers the perfect atmosphere for gaming. The flexibility and convenience it offers its customers is second to none; the ease with which customers have control over their payments, deposits and withdrawals have gamblers from all over flocking to the site.

Better still whenever customers run into any difficulty whiles on site, there is a 24hr customer service who are available to help them. They can be reached by phone, email and virtual assistance. If you enjoy gambling, there’s no better online to try than Cherry Red Casino.

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postheadericon Intuition as a Science Regarding the Poker Mind

To be good at poker “psychology” – to effectively predict your opponent’s likely thought processes – there is no need to take a seminar on Card Games and their Relation to the Unconscious. Your opponent is not your patient, and even if he/she is, no matter how well you apply Jacques Lacan to their neurosis, you are still not guaranteed to win.

Strategy is more basic to poker than psychoanalysis. But strategy is only the first step on your way to fame and fortune. “Reading” your opponents’ minds is the key to smart play, but such “reading” does not require you to listen to the other’s life story.

Outstanding players, like outstanding artists, don’t get that way from reading a manual. They progress intuitively, summoning their powers of observation, diligently practiced and enhanced over a period of many years.

You have probably noticed a dearth of technical manuals dealing with the psychology of poker. That brings us right to the crux of this issue. Whatever tips and advice may be out there for you to read up on, you cannot put them to practical use without your own sense of intuition that is achieved by putting your own thought processes to work beyond the grasp of your opponent.

Most players will lose more than they win because they depend on strict models of play, much like computer programs, or simulations that present themselves as predictions to be used robotically by the savvy player. This could be quite simple depending on the number of variables involved in the prediction.

The talented player, on the other hand, disdains crude cribs. Instead, they make their own observations about their own play and about that of others. Guided by their own intuition, they then combine those observations into principles according to their own whim and fancy. The resulting strategy is known only to them. The more talented the player is, the more complex (or ingeniously simple, which is basically the same thing) and idiosyncratic his secret strategy, making him less vulnerable.

This may be another reason why artists and players (two creatures in the same family) do not easily and never fully reveal their trade secrets to the general public: at best they allow some general theoretical discussion of their work or a few relatively trivial technical tips. Which may be very nice of them, but the problem is that they did not achieve their status by reading somebody else’s tips.

It is then most vital to commit yourself to the intense study of personal observation from your own practice to develop your observational skills as well as your imagination. Do this and you will independently create ways of acquiring a manner of play that is unique to you in its every detail.

By far the best bluffers of the game are those who do it with regularity in a manner that prohibits anyone at the table from deciphering the bluff. This requires a strong intuition developed by lots of practice and known only to them.

While hard work and persistence are involved here, they are of little benefit unless you have the courage and independence to use your imagination in some cases that make you seem less than sane but are innovative and demand a curious nature and the soul of an explorer which puts you way out in front.

One could now proceed to elaborate on the processes of intuition, or suggest where to start or what not to neglect, but even that would be too much. Everyone is blessed with intuition; not everyone has the drive to aggressively hone and use it. If the results of your unique intuition are to be unique, you had better start on your own.

What I have written about here calls for a lifetime commitment. Nobody who was ever considered a master at his craft, whatever that may be, was given that title. They worked long and hard and on their own and they earned it.

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