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Relying only on luck when looking for a lottery prediction method is just no real way to improve your odds of winning. Finding a better way to increase your chances of winning is a top priority unless you are just interested in throwing away your money and getting poorer. So how can you get better results when you are picking and getting better at picking your numbers.?

Deciding to buy lots of tickets instead of just one is a real method to making your chances better at winning. That is the method of quantity over quality. Yes this is a very real way to increase your chances of winning and making your odds better. Getting in an office pool is another good way to make your chances better in picking winning numbers and winning the jackpot.

Purchasing multiple tickets is just not sustainable since it can get very costly very fast. In my opinion there just has to be a better way to make my chances better at winning and picking the right numbers. That is where the idea of quality comes into the picture.

One of the most popular methods at increasing the quality of your numbers is to look at the past drawing records. Why does this method seem to work? Because taking a closer look at the historical records can uncover patters of past winning numbers for you to capitalize on. But will your chances of winning greatly improve if you are selecting your numbers this way. Mathematical probability says yes.

How can you find a sure fire way to find some of these so called historical patterns in the past results? Try looking in the newspaper. Yep it could be as simple as that. Just take a look at the correct listing and the results will give you a shock.

What is another way to find the past results? Of course you can just take a look at the past results on your favorite search engine. Also take a look at your local states lotto website. You will be surprised.

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