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Many of us watch sports, some of us play them, and a big part of us enjoy gambling on them. It doesn’t matter, the excitement of live action, the thrill of winning and jitters from a last-minute turn-around or decision is what captivates us. The top US sports to gamble on are in our blood, this is part of our culture.

The first sport on the list for the popular sports to gamble on is classic. There are a lot of movies about it and it’s super popular with the bookies. Boxing is centuries old and gambling has always been a part of the equation. The big fights get a lot of gambling and press attention. The odds are put out and the rest is history.

The next thing to come up on the list is horse racing. It certainly feels like the unique reason for the races to take place is to give the opportunity for some great betting action. The real underdogs will pay a lot if they win and it does happen pretty often. As for this one, it has also been around for years and years; just like boxing.

Other notables to be mentioned are the famous American past-times like football, baseball and automobile racing. These sports have such a huge following that the gambling industry cannot exclude or neglect them. They are quite simply unavoidable.

Traditionally, baseball and football include a lot of franchises in America making most of the population a fan. In geography, most of the gambling happens in Nevada, in Las Vegas. But here come the new technologies, permitting easy access to all the action right from home.

The top US sports to gamble on are going through a certain changing phase. The new kids on the block offer entertainment value that represents a fair part of the big business. A notable is ultimate fighting.

Just like boxing, two opponents face each other and there can only be one winner. Some title fights attract a lot of attention and action in the books. Watch for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to soon take over in popularity compared to boxing. It is a less traditional fighting championship that has garnered a lot of popularity all over the planet.

The ultimate one at the end of the list is important, although not as much as the others. Hockey is popular, it really is in the North of the US. The NHL includes franchises in all parts of the US but it is the ones in the North that get all the attention.

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