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Anyone making baseball picks needs to consider a number of factors which can affect the outcome of a game. When breaking down the relative strength of the teams playing each other, one should always start with their records and position in the standings. The importance of each team’s record is largely dependant on the number of games already played. The more games played, the more reflective the record is of the team’s actual abilities.

Football has been known as the game of inches. Which means the outcome of a game can come down to the final play. Picks are based on an entire team defense, special teams and skill position players on offense. These skill positions include wide receivers, tight ends, quarterbacks and running backs. The special teams consist of extra point and field goals, the kicker and kick return specialists.

It is also important to consider where a team is located in the standings. Their play can be affected by the importance the game has for them. A team who can not win a place in the playoffs may not have the motivation to compete as hard as one who is in contention for a spot in the playoffs. Conversely, the pressure to win may have a greater effect on the team competing for a spot in the playoffs.

Information, data and statistics can come from a variety of sources. The main one being the internet and sports related websites. These websites provide all the current season stats along with historical performances.

Many picks also are based on spreads, over under and straight up methods. Spreads are the total points that experts predict the favorite team will beat the underdog team by. Over under is the total points that the two teams will score combined and the straight up is simply picking who will win and who will lose. Regardless of which method you choose or if you participate in fantasy leagues, the competition of the games are exciting. It’s very intense watching and monitoring the action each and every weekend and on game days.

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