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The 5 best casino games to play vary sharply from player to player. With the abundance of casino games to choose from in online casino play, any player is sure to find a handful of games that interest him or her most. Casino games offer a protean array of experiences, ranging from the pleasure to the profit, from the lucky runs to the overly brilliant strategic plays.

By what standards is one to judge the best casino games to play online then? There are plenty, and some that easily come to mind are: fun factor, technical precision, ease of learning, presence of profitable strategies, and past experiences playing that game. All reasons, however, boil down to two most general, all-embracing reasons: skill and luck.

Some players look for gambling that requires skill, like poker, blackjack, and bridge; they find their thrill in winning because they are smart they know they are smart, and they profit either by analyzing the odds and knowing when to stop playing, or by exploiting the inexperience or bad play of others.

Other players look for gambling where luck is the main determinant of an outcome. These players thrive on uncertainty and play for all the fun, laughs, and adrenaline that games of chance offer. They derive their joy most of all from jackpots (large winnings) or lucky consecutive winning streaks. Many games, like poker, require a fine mixture of skill and luck to get maximum pleasure from playing.

After recalling and analyzing casino games which have a healthy balance of skill and luck, here is a brief top 5 list:

(1) Slot machines – The ubiquitous slot machines found in nearly all live casinos can also be played online. The thrill gained by seeing coins pop out from the slot machine dispenser is compounded many times in online play, because players can click and click to their limitless satisfaction. Meanwhile, if players go on a good run, the trickles heard in live play will be represented by the tantalizing graphics of the growing cash prize, soothing to the eyes as well as to the bankroll.

(2) Blackjack – Who could ever forget the movie “21″ about enterprising blackjack players who aim to beat the odds in as much as their willpower and their craftiness would allow? In live play, that is hard to do, because of the suspicious stares and the unruly treatment every card counter gets. Not so in online blackjack – card counters could card-count all the way to victory. Play is also faster online; this makes it a fun game for thrill-seekers as well.

(3) Roulette – The roulette wheel is an unforgettable fixture at every casino, live or online. With many possible betting options in roulette, the game is fit for all types of gamblers, like those who want just the fun of doubling their stake, or those who engage their hard-earned money on sophisticated strategies.

(4) Craps – The quintessential dice game, it is easy to learn and simple to play. Long-time craps players have many anecdotes of times when it seemed that their fountain of luck never ran out. Online, because game is faster, the ecstasy felt during a deep run in craps could approach myriad levels.

(5) Poker – This has been mentioned already twice, for good reason. While there are sites that offer poker along with other games, there are sites that offer poker exclusively. That is because poker has boomed from a free-spirited rounders’ game, to what could arguably be the largest gambling population in the most famous casino game of all. High-stakes poker games are televised. Many poker players have attained celebrity status. With many varieties to choose from, hundreds of strategies available, thousands of imaginable situations, and plenty of pop culture references, poker could be declared the best game of mixed skill and chance ever played by our generation, live as well as online.

As you begin your journey to casino success, we wish you lots of fun and grace once you begin clicking online for the 5 best casino games to play.

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