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The lottery has been accompanying man for thousands of years. The official date of the lottery’s occurrence is 24 February 1466 when the first charity lottery was held in Europe. But according to some facts lottery Keno helped at its time to collect the necessary funds to build the Great Wall of China. There were a host of different types of lotteries during the lifetime of this game.

A lot of people like instant lottery. This is a scratch-off lottery cards which have a small area with a protective layer. The gamer have to remove it and see if there is some prize under this layer. The popularity of such type of the lottery is easy to explain. The tickets have colorful design and the duration of this game takes very little time.

The appearance of the lottery machines greatly increased the number of instant lottery and makes them more accessible. Lottery tickets in the terminals can be exclusively electronic or on paper. Draw lotteries are the most popular and they are televised life. Such lotteries have the largest gains which attract players. Jackpots in such games are cumulative formed from circulation to circulation and their size sometimes reaches enormous sums.

Incentive lottery is one relatively new type of this game. But, in fact, such lotteries can be attributed to promotions. There are different ways in which the lottery’s prize pool is formed, for example, it may be depended on the payment. In the incentive lottery the prize pool is formed by its organizer.

The technology of a lottery is also different, that is, the draw can be in real time or in the usual way. The lottery may be state or non-state depending on the organizer. The territory defines the lottery as a municipal, regional, national or international lottery. So each person can find the best lottary for him

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