postheadericon Live Sports Betting is the Future of Online Betting

Americans love to make bets. You can place a bet on most anything. Online betting has been a world of pre-determined betting, but that’s the past. Live betting is the future of online betting, and it’s to the bettor’s advantage.

Bettors tend to make more money with live betting than they do with pre-determined betting. Bookmakers make less money with live betting than with pre-determined betting, and this makes it clear that live betting results in improved outcomes for the bettor. Bettors get better returns and have more fun with live betting.

There can be many reasons for this. With live sports betting, the bettor can factor in things that change as a game progresses. In football, for example, odds will shift if a starting player gets injured in the course of a game. The bettor, especially if it happens to be his or her favorite team, is likely to know more about the players on the bench than a big-business bookmaker. While the bookmaker may rely heavily on the information that the starting player has been hurt, the bettor using live betting online can take advantage of lengthening odds.

The bettor using in-play betting also has the opportunity to cover multiple positions as they develop. In the case where a sports team or a thoroughbred in horse racing starts out with long odds but pulls ahead, the odds in live betting will shift to favor the (previous) long shot. In live betting, the bettor can place a backup bet on the previously short position. This leaves the bettor with a profit, regardless of who wins.

There are also more opportunities for bettors to create moments on which to bet with live betting, instead of solely betting on the outcome. A bettor might place a bet on which player in football will score the next touchdown, or which filly in horse racing will come in dead last. The options are nearly endless, and that means more fun and more profit for the bettor.

Because live betting is now available online, bettors can now enjoy the fun and strategic advantages of being able to place live bets from home or from a smart phone using live mobile betting. In the past, players from home could only choose pre-determined outcome strategies as a way to bet on football, horse racing, and other sports. There is more fun to be had with live betting online.

Players using live betting online will experience a delay of about seven seconds after placing a bet. This covers the bookmaker with a few seconds to get new information from the live venue, in case the bettor happens to be using live mobile betting from the event in person while the same information is relayed to the bookmaker. If the odds on a bet weaken in that seven seconds, the bet will not be placed. If the odds get longer, then the bet will be placed at the longer (better paying) odds.

Live betting online is the way to go for fun, for profit, and for the future. Pre-determined betting isn’t nearly as fun or profitable. You can bet on it.

Live sports betting has recently become a huge hit among bettors and it looks like live betting is here to stay for good. For tips on how to locate the best bookmakers that offer live betting, be sure to visit

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