postheadericon To Play or Not to Play: Is Online Casino Design Important

When we look at the online casinos of today we see a great rift between very well designed casinos and others not so. And since first impressions count greatly we somehow subconsciously make the decision to play or not to play with a particular casino brand. In this article I will be discussing whether or not casino design is really all that important when it comes to playing at a safe and credible environment.

Do not judge a book by its cover

The old clich holds true when we choose anything in life. People especially, and every possible product out there are always judged by us on its face value. The old maxim of delving into a specific matter is an important one, even when we want to gamble on the internet. This is why users cannot go only by the design of a casino’s website.

It’s all about incentives

Once you have trained yourself to look past the outer shell of a casino, only then begins the real research involved in making your online casino pick. The main reason why gamblers play online casinos, apart from being able to access games 24/7 from any destination, is that casinos offer players free money and a variety of bonus incentives. This is in fact the first thing one should be looking at before anything else. And since casino clients a driven by similar software, the design is the least of your concerns.

A Monopoly in Lobby Software

All in all, all casinos on the internet are driven by around 5 stalwart software providers. This is another thing you need to find out about when looking to play online casinos. Well known casino software providers include Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and Top Game. There are of course others, but you need to find everything you can about their software before you begin playing for real money. Microgaming, for example, offers its services to around 130 casino brands – when you download any of them, the software will be identical, except only for the logos and color schemes. When it comes to progressive jackpots or multiplayer tournaments, or any game within the lobby, you can expect to find the same thing with each and every one of them.

Call Centers

Another thing that you need to look at further than casino design is the personal service that you will receive from the casino client. Credible casinos will offer you 24/7 support, Toll Free telephone lines from certain countries and Instant Chat options. If a casino does not have these elements put in place, the design and pretty colors become in fact irrelevant.

Flash websites are a farce in the industry

Steer clear of flash websites. Casinos that have put in place flash websites as their download pages know nothing about the competitiveness of the industry. Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important to online casinos (SEO brings massive revenue), flash casino sites cannot be as competitive compared to the rest of the big boys. Nowadays, online casinos spend a lot of money to bring their ranking up in the search engines, and a lot of money means that such institutions are serious about what they are doing, meaning that they will take better care of their players. And since search engines cannot yet read flash like they can read text, flash casino websites are often there just for show – just to lure in players with larger than life images and often nothing more. So when it comes to the best casinos on the internet, make sure that they contain a lot of non-animated pages with useful text – this will flag credibility.

To Play or Not to Play: Is Online Casino Design Important

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