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Betfair, an online wagering website, started in 2000, is one of the most prestigious destinations for online wagering. The silver lining on the cloud is the free 25 wager that the portal offers you. Betfair offers a wide range of wagering options and an almost unlimited wagering limits. Their betting odds are known to be at least 20% better than other portals on average. One major advantage provided by Betfair to players is that they do not charge you for losing bets. They cover up that money by taking a 5% cut from all the winning wagers, and don’t charge anything on the odds. For UK customers Betfair offers a variety of payment options starting from 10. Being licensed by the Malta Gaming Commission, the portal is very much secure in handling payments, and gamers can confidently entrust funds to them.

Betfair started in 2006 with the standard games like Blackjack, Roulette, slot machines and the like. They became an instant hit because of their ‘no deposit bonus’ of 5 followed by their 50, ‘deposit bonuses.’ The introduction of “Zero Lounge,” was an innovation of great success, since this feature allowed you to play 50 casino games with a house edge of 0%, allowing you the opportunity to enhance your profitability, and thus make your casino visit an undeniably profitable experience. There seems to be no argument on the fact that Betfair sports betting bonus is indeed at its best at Betfair. Moreover, you have the table and card games and even slot machines in the main lounge.

Overseeing over 15 million wagers daily, Betfair has these days evolved into the biggest sports betting exchange in the world. Manned by 2,000 employees, the exchange has 3 million customers as of 2011, making them one of the biggest wagering brands in Europe. In terms of use, the interface is very user-friendly and the navigation is fantastic. The navigation menu shows all the games and live odds. Betfair TV broadcasts a range of live games from various tournaments around the globe. These games include winter sports, martial arts, boxing, handball, motor sports, cycling, rugby, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis and football matches as well.

Interestingly, in these matches, Betfair offers you the possibility of placing wagers at any instant of the game, even to the last second. With the wide variety of disciplines available, it has customers from various fields, and all of them converge on to the site for a great betting experience. Due to these various factors, Betfair is arguably the best online casino out there.

Technology is constantly advancing. Betfair decided to take technology by the horns and, with the help of their own labs, developed an innovative iPhone sports betting application with phenomenal features aimed at better accessibility and communication with their customers. Others such as Blackberry and Android have also later on, got on to this band wagon. However, using this facility of placing wagers from your mobile, lifts the application to a new level of expediency altogether. Another amazing feature, is the Betfair calendar which affords you the convenience of scheduling your bets in an organized manner. On top of all this, the unbelievable Betfair online betting bonus is sure to lead you on your path to winning.

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