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The 37-year-old free agent, Terrell Owens held a workout Tuesday to show NFL teams that he was fully recovered from ACL surgery in April. Not one team attended the workout, which was televised.
So this is what it has come to for Terrell Owens, former superstar wide receiver and exhibitionist. I lived in Philadelphia and watched Owens provide one of the most dominant performances in a losing effort in the only Superbowl the team ever appeared in
Terrell was a force and superman like in San Francisco and Philadelphia. His locker room, cryptic verbal comments and on advertising on field antics were distractive in every city he played.
We can all remember the Garcia anti-gay comments and the McNabb rollercoaster in Philadelphia.
Agent Drew Rosenhaus said in a radion interview on Wednesday that, based on his conversations with teams before the workout, he wasn’t surprised by their absence. He said the workout was organized to “create interest. We were trying to create a buzz.”
Palmer in a statement is quoted as saying, “T.O. and I had a great working relationship. He had one of his most successful years over the past five or six years, a lot of production, and he was a great teammate in Cincinnati. The problem is that for him to get here there’s not anybody that we could let go,” Palmer said Wednesday in an radio interview in the Bay Area.
“We have a stable of young horses that can run and guys that can just move. Very young, very inexperienced, but tons of potential and it’s tough to give up a young guy with a lot of potential for a guy that’s got a lot of history in the league that’s in his late 30s, so I can’t see him coming here, but I had a good time playing with him and he’s an explosive player himself.”
Owens, a six-time Pro Bowl player, had 72 receptions for 983 yards and nine touchdowns last season with the Bengals when Palmer was his quarterback.
Agent Drew Rosenhaus says WR Terrell Owens’ workout Tuesday was meant to persuade NFL teams to sign him. Rosenhaus says Owens will be motivated like never before if he gets signed.
And he believes that Owens opened some eyes.
“I think that teams see that Terrell is healthy, that he is ready to play football,” Rosenhaus said, although the agent hadn’t received any calls from NFL teams as of Wednesday morning.
Owens said he wasn’t deterred by the fact that no scouts were in attendance. His workout “speaks for itself,” he said.
“I only need one team,” Owens told the NFL Network on Tuesday. “I only need one chance.”
Football fans love or hate him or love to hate him. But we all want to watch him perform. And yes, some of us just watch to see what shoe drops first in the next soap opera episode of “As the Terrell World Turns”. is a fully licensed gaming entertainment company providing our worldwide clients both large and small, with a safe, secure, wagering environment since 1997.

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