postheadericon Video Poker – Is It Better Than Regular Video Slots?

Besides the standard poker, you will find that there are other games like video variation of poker. This is, in fact, a mix of the slot games and traditional poker. Many gamers prefer to play poker at the gambling tables with variants like Texas Hold’em, and not video version of poker; because they feel that it is better to play against the gamers, instead of playing against the house. Though if you use the right strategy, then video poker can make you more cash. If you play in the right manner, then it could be more thrilling than slot machines.

Table games are generally a little harder compared to video poker. Video poker is a blend of poker and slot machines, which makes it easy to play, once you master some good strategies, and play wise. This way, it becomes more convenient to avail lower house odds compared to normal slot machines. Aesthetically, the game has good graphics and is very enjoyable. You would be filled with excitement at the various features and options that video poker provides. Let us look at how video poker is played.

Video poker is played on a computer, which becomes your adversary in place of other players in a standard table game. It is played the same way we play “five-card draw poker” and uses most of the same rules. After filling the slot with coins for the initial wager, five cards are dealt on the screen. A player can keep the cards he selects, and discard the remaining. For this he clicks the “hold” button and picks the cards he wants to retain. The others get discarded. Once he has made his mind, he clicks the “deal” button. At this point, new cards take the place of the ones he had chosen to discard. Now the poker hand ranking system ranks the gambler and displays on the pay table situated at the top of the screen. This pay table will usually be set by casinos to gain the highest house edge over a period of time.

As stated earlier, you will go on to victory with the best strategy. If you wish to keep the odds in your favor, you will have to learn a few things when you play the game. If you were to scan the pay table of different machines, you will be able to get a hint as to which table offers the most lucrative pay outs. More often than not, the pay outs will be similar; the difference will be only in flush, full house, or royal flush.

If it is possible, you have to bet all your 5 credits, as the payout will be in factors of five except in the royal flush. Any play of less than 5 coins will be added to the royal flush jackpot. In the end somebody else can win the jackpot that you were instrumental in filling.

If you have some technical knowledge, then the place to look for information on video version of poker slot machines is the Internet. You will find hundreds of sites that will provide you information on all the rules; the location of the game machines, different calculations and tactics, and you will be able to learn the game very fast. Since gamblers who have a lot of expertise, and who have played the game for a long time, have created these pages, you can be sure to get very valuable knowledge. When you have gone through all this information, you will realize that video poker is a mix of poker and video slots.

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