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Bingo has almost always been somewhat connected to charity work from its early days being played in community centers and church halls. This popularity in land based halls eventually led to the vast popularity of online bingo. Now, the charitable trend is following suit and entering the internet bingo world.

Online bingo has become a very popular pastime and a very profitable business for many but it has also recently become a very successful way of raising money for charity. Well-known and established brands have been raising money for charity for years but the recent trend in charity has been a significant increase in online bingo charity support.

Some bingo and casino websites have rooms that are solely dedicated to raising money for charitable causes while others have been supporting charities in one way or another both with their land based bingo halls and online businesses. With the growing popularity of online bingo, many new sites are popping up with the sole purpose of raising money for charitable causes.

Some bingo charity sites give players the option to choose the charity they want to donate their winnings. This gives players a sense of personal responsibility and satisfaction because it allows them to see exactly where the money that they are donating is going. Some of the more popular charities include breast cancer awareness and female health related services. This is not surprising considering most of the online bingo players are women. The online bingo halls and online casinos have revolutionized the game of bingo and it is now being used to revolutionize raising money for charities.

Some online bingo sites give back by designating charities on a monthly basis. Charity games are played at the bingo site and a percentage of the profits from the game are given directly to the nominated monthly charity. This is the same idea that original land based bingo and community halls have been using for years. These games have become more popular with those looking to donate because players still have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to the charity regardless of winning or losing the game.

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