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To achieve the next level of success, the manager convinces the board that their team needs that kind of player. The player who is believed to bring instant success for the team was given by the board a check of several millions. But for three months, the player never showed but instead played for another team or different league, causing for other players to take the chance in showing what they really have. Sergio Aguero, who was very famous in some seasons in Chelsea, was longing to move to England The club management and the fans always have unspoken pressures whenever a high profile player signs up.

Sergio entered with lots of bells and whistles and kept producing the goals his team had signed him up for. The Manchester City’s thirteen goals this season was courtesy of this man, so the 35m spent on him didn’t go to waste. Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal to return to his boyhood club of Barcelona. His fans and a lot critics are curious now on how he would blend in a team full of great players. Or can he make the expert working hard playing the game in Camp Nou sit on their own benches?

When Andres Iniesta was injured earlier in the season, this young man came in and started to make goals for the team and proved to everyone that he was a good replacement for him. The young man scored like he was playing football all his life! When Manchester City wanted to replace the tall, African striker, Emmanuel Adebeyor, Harry Redknapp snapped him up on loan. In the previous season, his goals against Tottenham knocked them off in the Champions League, and he had played against local rivals Arsenal, so the transfer of Adebayor was a bit controversial. So far, the striker, who had to do the talking by himself in the pitch, boasted that he had 8 league goals in the campaign.

A couple of seasons ago, he got a nomination as African best player and he looks to have rediscovered that form again. Because of the 16.5 million deal, Phil Jones transferred to old Trafford from Blackburn with an option also to play for the Liverpool. He started his games mostly in either being the centre back or the defensive midfield position. The hearts of most united supporters was won by Jones when he had proved that he was a good player when the United defines looked shaky sometimes.

This season, the impressive youngster received a consideration to play for England. The story would never be complete without naming Demba Ba, a 25 year old striker in Senegal. The managers were a little bit suspicious on signing for Demba Ba, in replacement for West ham being downgraded, but convinced with his 11 goals letting him in for Newcastle. Demba Ba’s success story is unlikely to end half way into the season as he is currently the most wanted player to have in Europe. They have seen more chances of winning the game and more games for Newcastle united.

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