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If you have a process and a strategy than winning the lottery can be a lot easier than you might think it is.

A lottery system can generate a win rate as high as 98, but there are ways to increase the amount of the prizes or jackpots by two.

The day you choose to play is very important.

When fewer players are participating there is smaller number of potential winners. You should be one of the potential winners. You will have a better shot at the golden ring.

The largest jackpots are generally shared between several winners. Twenty million for a 120 million jackpot can be quite a disappointment.

Playing on a day when people are not interested in the game will give you an advantage.

When there is a drawing on more than one day a week it is important to find out which day is least popular.

The easiest way to find this out is to march down to your lottery store, and in the course of a casual conversation ask the workers what days are the most popular for your game.

A friendly conversation can get one of the clerks on your side. The clerk will be eager to help and be associated with a winner.

When you are aware of the competitive and noncompetitive days it makes it easy to choose a day to play.

If the winner pool is smaller, then there will be fewer winners.

All of this means there will be more of a winning share for you.

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