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It’s another great season for the horses. The excitement has been more than palpable at the tracks in Sydney and Melbourne. The buzz is spilling over onto the internet, where racing enthusiasts are looking for advice on which plays are the smartest, week by week. OZ Racing Form is riding an almost unbelievable streak, with an 85% success rate rolling on their top-rated runners.

Picking a winner involves much more skill than choosing a favored horse repeatedly. Betting on the favorite will not generate big returns, so it takes a crafty pick to make anything less than a large sum of money equal a real prize. If you have the right information, you can take an educated guess.

Getting horse racing tips worthy of your wager is never an easy proposition. On many of the websites and racing forms that cover the big tracks in Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll find a computer at the helm, loading in statistics and coming up with a list of likely winners. What that doesn’t take into account are the insider elements, the aspects it takes a pair of human eyes to see.

For beginners, there is an awful lot to process at the race track, many figures filling the screens and many numbers coming in at the end of a race. With the help of a horse race pro, you can avoid the confusing process of acclimation and make even your first trips to the track a success.

Whether novice or pro around the track, there are few days out of the year like Melbourne Cup Day. The eyes of the entire country — the world, actually — are on Melbourne, checking in on racing’s big show. Along with the attention comes a number of experts calling the outcome. Before you follow the tip of some unknown entity, make sure you’re not in the hands of a computer program.

One of the worst things about studying a racing form is getting a pick with one or two words next to it. Since you learn nothing from such a tip, you should plan on being tied to the forms forever. Since the internet should be a source of real information, why not check out OZ Racing Forms, where you’ll find expert picks with the logic behind it. Increasing your knowledge of racing will mean less dependence on tips in the future.

It takes more than beginner’s luck to pick the winners again and again. The picks of David Gatley from OZ Racing Form has brought him to the TVN Network, advising viewers on what to expect from a coming race. There is little in the way of risk by trying out the packages from OZ. You’ll pay little to join and have a refund coming if you don’t like the service.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to top OZ Racing Form. Whether you want to get a hot streak going or are a beginner looking for guidance, go with racing tips generated by a great mind, not a computer.

David Gately has built a reputation for accuracy in horse betting tips. This is due to his highly respected and reasonably priced weekly horse racing form, for the Australian horse races.

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