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Bingo was initially played in Italy in the 1530s with great zest, every Saturday at a local lottery called “Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia”. What is amusing, is the fact that it is still played there even today. The French nobility took to play bingo in 1700s. They called the game “Le lotto”. The game came to Germany in 1800, and the Germans played a variant of the game. America was first introduced to the game in 1999, when it was first presented in a carnival near Atlanta. A New York toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe called it bingo and with the help of Carl Leffer, a mathematician, he would increase the number of amalgamations to 6000. Edwin Lowe was approached by a Pennsylvanian priest who wanted bingo played at a church to raise funds. After this, the game became very well-known. In North America, $100 million is estimated to be the sum used to play the game.

Bingo soon became a fundraiser, and it was played at all charity shows, and today it is played by millions, who are very eager about the game. It subsequently became part of gambling games, and it was played in every regular casino that was renown. With the boom of the Internet, many changes were brought about, and bingo went online. The game started to multiple so fast, that even women of all ages began to play it. With bingo available online, you had the advantage of being able play it without the need to fight the traffic and go to a casino after a hard day’s work. You could just sit back in your house and play on your PC.

The gambling software also reached the zenith of its development, and the overall effect on your computer is nothing short of astonishing, because, the graphics and the simulations are so realistic, that you will feel you are in a brick and mortar casino and even enjoy its ambience. Moreover, everybody knows that playing bingo can be time-consuming, and your sapre time can be utilized for interacting with various gamblers online and making new friends, which in itself is an experience worth having.

The Canadian and American version of 75 – ball are amongthe most popular variants of the game. In bingo, patience is the name of the game. The software will do all the rest, including striking off the numbers. Through this is not a difficult game, in the event of any doubt, reference to a guide will clarify everything.

Most casinos today offer amazing online bingo bonuses, starting with free bingo no deposit bonuses and starting bonuses to lure the newbies, and also to retain their old customers. Deposit bonuses are offers to existing players to continue playing and could be anywhere in the range of 100 to 400%.

The Internet is filled with fraudulent casinos, so you will have to be very careful when you choose your online bingo location. The sole intention of these bogus websites is to divest you of your hard-earned cash, after which they will disappear. You should first make enquiries and read reviews and only then should you pick the bingo hall where you want to play. You should keep in mind that if you fall into the wrong hands, you are likely to have your identity robbed, which is much worse than having your money taken.

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