postheadericon Effort Started to Make Mesquite Smoke-Free

Locals Mention UNLV research outcomes in presentation to City Council

MESQUITE, NV- Among the most fascinating campaigns in Nevada has nothing related to presidential politics but it’s getting the level of traction and attention that would make a lot of candidates drool.

Approximately one hundred occupants within the tiny resort city of Mesquite crowded their city hall this week showing their encouragement for switching their town into Nevada’s initial smoke-free location.

American Lung Association Representative Fred Toval presented a professional presentation to City Council Members telling them of the developing support to get a smoke-free Mesquite.

“We have an opportunity to set ourselves apart as a city,” said Toval, “while at the same time providing healthier work environments for hundreds of Mesquite citizens.”

Toval’s discussion provided details coming from a study carried out by UNLV proving solid support amongst registered Mesquite voters for city and county smoke-free laws. He also confirmed to council members close to 3500 post cards signed by proponents, incorporating greater than 2300 from Mesquite locals.

Smoke-free Mesquite proponents say they understand the underpinning issue that eradicating light up in casinos could possibly affect earnings, which is why they’ve done a large amount of homework in regards to the subject. They say there are good examples from coast to coast of smoke-free casinos that have been growing regardless of whether they are positioned right adjacent to casinos that permit smoking.

“This is our city,” said Toval. “We wouldn’t push for this if we believed it would hurt our economy. In fact, we think this is a great opportunity. We can become a “clean getaway” for tourists. In the meantime, going smoke-free would literally save lives here.”

The UNLV survey showed 89% of registered Mesquite voters would be more likely or just as likely to stop by casinos if they were smoke-free. It also pointed out 87% would spend more time or just as much time in a smoke-free casino in comparison to casinos which allow smoking.

“Our first concern is always the rights of everyone to breathe clean air,” said Sarah Davis, Regional Director of Programs for American Lung Association of the Southwest. “We believe Mesquite going smoke-free is a win-win for everyone.”


Scientific Approach – 400 Mesquite registered voters surveyed – Poll conducted by Cannon Survey Center of UNLV – 4.6% margin of error

General Info On Those Surveyed – Nearly 75% visit Mesquite casinos at least once a month – The majority takes part in gaming and tend to be players club subscribers at Mesquite casinos

The Results – 44.7 said they would be MORE LIKELY (25.3%) or MUCH MORE LIKELY (19.4%) to visit a Mesquite smoke-free casino and 44.2% mentioned a smoke-free casino would not have an impact on their likelihood of visitation. – Considering approximately 10% said they might be not as likely to visit a smoke-free Mesquite casino, the study suggests casinos would see a net GAIN of around 33% of customers who’d be more prone to visit if casinos were to go smoke-free in Mesquite. – Half of respondents (50.5%) would spend an equivalent amount of time at the casino if it were smoke-free, along with over one-third (36.4%) who would spend MORE time at the casino if it were smoke-free. – The most participants (66.2%) indicated that smoke in the casino irritates them either completely (38.8%) or somewhat (27.4%). – The greater part of respondents (72.9%) believe that city council has got a responsibility to pass laws and regulations that safeguard public health and safety For additional information: Kendall Tenney 10e Public Relations ktenney [at]

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