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Our most fantastic desires for adventure are drawn and sated as we play this Egypt game, The Mummy. Be a Raider or a Cultist – battle your way to the reward or use magic to help you defeat all sorts of evil minions to return with the secrets and treasures.

Follow Edward Morgan in a time warp back into the Egypt of the 1930′s to the tombs of Amarna. A powerful priestess lies in her mummified state. The mummy of this ancient priestess holds the Stone of Rancor, an artifact Morgan must gain in order to purge his wife’s plague. But after he unwittingly release the spirit of the priestess, unimaginable evil awaits.

Now it’s your turn to help Morgan find his way through the booby-trapped web within the tomb. Unimaginable riches lie ahead of you once you have aided Morgan to defeat the minions and restore his wife. You can wield guns, steels or knowledge as a Raider, as a Gunslinger, a Brawler, or a Scholar. If you want to be a Cultist as an alternative to a Raider, you will have the chance to impersonate an Assassin, an Enforcer, or a Priest. Face-to-face and close-range combat is the strength of the Assassin. The Enforcer is the best backup anybody can have, proficient in a broad range of far-reaching damage. Every character is capable of great destruction, but most of all, the Priest who directs his or her damage with a flick of the wrist.

Dangers will lurk in every corner and engulf you from the open spaces, whether masses of horrid scarab beetles, and petrifying scorpions or guerrilla mummies and death-defying pygmies, this game will fright and delight you with its terrors. And if you thought the Anubis Warriors were dead, this Egypt game has brought them back, more virulently evil than ever before.

The final face-off is with Imhotep who is holding a prisoner in his lair. He appears inescapable. Over and over you will think you have won, but you must not only defeat him, but defeat his magic. How will you defeat this evil fiend – what can you do to get beyond this obstacle to restore Morgan’s wife? Not until the evil Pharaoh is vanquished back to the dunes of Amarna will you be satisfied; this Egypt game will keep you entranced from beginning to end.

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