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At first sight, there appears to be no difference between Paulson poker chips and ordinary ones, but that is not the case. Their most important aspect is that they are used by all big casinos and tournaments. All of them are contacted by the company themselves.

There are much better reasons to call them the best. They are made with a special kind of ceramic, rather than the usual clay. This is still mostly referred to as clay, because the scientific name is too long and complicated.

They will have a different touch and feel from the rest. This is not just because of the material, but they are made in a special way to give very fine and sharp edges. The edges will soon round up to give you a better touch with constant use. Also the inlay and molds of the image designs on these chips is much different than the rest.

Their weight is also well adjusted and lies between 9-10 grams. This distinct weight is what is considered to be their distinguishing part. Also if you are a collector, then all antiques and all authenticated pieces lie here.

Many competitors have tried to copy Paulson, but to little avail. Most have tried to achieve the touch by using metal to design on composite clay. In an effort to win the best touch, they fail to balance out the weight.

The company is the manufacturer of editions like the James Bond edition. The experience of using them is fully felt by dedicated players only. The reason for this is that such players are aware of the company’s policies of standardizing the paulson poker chips quality and styling throughout the world. A review from a previous user is what will really tell you the joy and the experience of using them, it will also tell you facts about them which make them stand out.

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