postheadericon Anyone Can Conquer The Universe And Maintain Control With An Online Space Shooter

When you are equipped with a high tech online space shooter you cannot help but feel like the most powerful of all creatures with your ability to knock out just about anything or anyone with your unmatched firepower. You will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you participate in the mmorpg that is filled with high definition graphics as you travel into the unknown and participate in electronic warfare as you wield the weapon of your choice while attempting to wipe out the enemy using the advanced technology that is available in the video gaming industry.

As you role-play stationed upon the Battlestar Galactica’s strike craft Viper MK II, you can experience the thrill of being onboard this incredible interceptor and space fighter that demonstrates its superiority by matching the enemy Cylon Raider in speed, agility and firepower performing impressively as a powerful online space shooter. The Raptor which serves as the eyes and ears of the Colonial Fleet is developed for rapid reconnaissance and combat support and coordination. Along with its outstanding sensor and communications capabilities, as a Command ship the Raptor can increase its electronic warfare and support capabilities as it is supplied with a variety of light auto-cannon and missile pods which can be enabled for operations defensively as well as offensively.

Among the other Battlestar assault ships you will also learn the ship named Rhino that is another power player. This heavily armored ship can be supplied with more hull systems than any of the other strike craft increasing its ruggedness and defense capabilities and allowing it to withstand enormous amounts of punishment.

The Cylon fleet on the opposite side of the Battlestar Galactica field uses as their primary Interceptor the sleek and deadly Raider. This ship is designed to use its speed and agility to deliver rapid strikes aided by more engine systems that other strike craft enabling it to become an online space shooter with a very impressive performance.

Another Cylon strike craft known as the Marauder is constructed of very high density hull materials that provide better protection that most of the strike vehicles belonging to the Cylons. It also has defensive capabilities to perform as a powerful online space shooter as it is supplied with more hull systems that any other strike craft which increases its durability to serve as an assault ship. If you were allowed the opportunity to conquer the universe, which of these would you select for your weapon?

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