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The Mummy was a popular film when it first was released and was later followed by other popular titles in the same franchise; this has also led to other products based on the film, including a Mummy game designed for online play. Video game designers have been using the concepts of popular films and converting them into fun video games for many years now, so it is no surprise that it happened with The Mummy. Such games take the characters and settings from the movies they are based off of and turn them into virtual environments where players can live out the plot of the film. How have game designers utilized the story of the Mummy movies in their efforts to design a fun multiplayer game?

Familiar movie characters and styles will greet you when you first start playing the Mummy game and are given the chance to make a personalized character. For example, you must choose whether you will be a member of the Cultists or the Raiders; the former practice the ancient rituals of the Egyptians and are sworn enemies of the other. The Raiders more closely imitate the archaeologists of the films who used guns and swords to protect themselves from the onslaught of Egyptian curses. When you make a character, you will pick a unique class after you choose your faction; these classes affect what skills your character possesses.

The enemies you will be forced to battle in the Mummy game are also taken straight out of the movies, along with some new creatures that will make the game exciting. The game makes use of a variety of interesting and scary creatures to challenge your character’s abilities, including scarabs and mummies. Sometimes you will come up against an extra challenging boss, such as a giant deadly scorpion, that will be much harder for your character to beat.

As in all massively multiplayer online role playing games, or MMORPG’s, coordinating with additional players is an important part of the gameplay experience. You do not need to fight alone in this game because there are lots of other gamers around who can assist you in defeating especially challenging enemies.

The Mummy game is one of several modern online video games that sticks to the story line of a famous movie franchise. The game is played totally online and is now free for players around the globe to sign up for and play together.

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