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As millions of players around the world are looking for a challenge and entertainment that is available in the MMORPG arena, a definite preference is shown for participants who are anxious to seek thrills in the fantasy world of the future by interacting and role-playing in a space war game. Gamers have always been very interested in this field which actually began when the video game industry first produced flight simulators which evolved through technology into the games available today. Children would use their imaginations for decades while play-acting with little plastic army men which turned into larger action figures that are still popular today. A definite niche became exposed for this type of action to take place in the future of outer space as the worlds of science and technology advanced.

Browser-based MMO members made the Battlestar Galactica online game and almost instant hit when it was first unveiled to the gaming industry. More than two million registered users were experienced within the first three months of the launch for this particular game that was developed based on the 2004 remake of the television series.

This space war game is set in place with the Cylons and the Colonials at the edge of one of the galactic arms absolutely abandoned.

Originally man had made the Cylons, but as the Cylons progressed they rebelled. In an attempt to annihilate the humans and steal their resources the Cylons paid a visit to the Twelve Colonies 40 years after the first Cylon War had occurred, which is when this game takes place. In an attempt to survive the space war game and begin the journey toward the home of the legendary 13th Colony known as Earth, the heavily damaged Colonial fleets which are also low on critical resources begin the race to repair and rearm their ships so they can begin their escape.

The other ship that persevered the Cylon attack, called the Pegasus, finally is located and reunites with Battlestar Galactica after months of the Cylons pursuing them as the story unfolds.. These two remaining Colonial forces are stronger when they join and act together to retaliate against the Cylon’s Resurrection Ship and inevitably destroy it. That space war game strategy caused the Cylons to launch an enormous counter attack against the Colonial Fleet. This forced the Colonials to jump away to safety during which time they suffered a mechanical malfunction that created a massive pulse of energy that in turn triggered an uncontrolled jump that threw them off course. And so it proceeds, to coin the phrase – to be continued.

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