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Grownups play just as many space shooter game titles as children do, even though a lot of people who do not play games regularly think of them as something for kids. The plot devices that today’s game designers are using to craft games for adults are certainly not for children; neither are the complex plots that can send even an experienced gamer for a loop. Maybe the reason why game developers have such a wide audience to work with now is that the children who were raised on the first generation of video games are now interested in having adult style games. What have game makers done in order to keep their adult gamers happy and also produce games for younger players?

There are three factors that can help you know if a space shooter game is right for kids; the graphics, the plot line, and the rating it has received. Adult games traditionally feature more realistic graphics while games designed for children have more cartoon-inspired graphics with bright and fun colors. The basic plot lines used in the development of children’s games is ideal for those young gamers who just want to have some fun; they would not work so well, however, for adults who want a game with a good story. A few recent games have very adult language and themes, using violence and sexual encounters as part of the storyline; these games receive Teen and Mature ratings, not the Everyone ratings that are appropriate for kids.

Feeling in control of the character and having the chance to make decisions for them is a major part of what makes games interesting for adult gamers. And space shooter game features often include very realistic and intense violence. There are many games that have won awards in recent years for their successful efforts to bring video gaming to a more mature, adult level.

Without playing a demo version or glancing at a good review of a new video game release, though, you might be clueless as to what the game is like. The Internet has made doing both of these things much easier; there are tons of blogs online where you can read about the latest games in all genres and download free demos.

It is not hard to find a new space shooter game that you, your child, or both of you can enjoy. Read reviews of games you are thinking about getting to understand the style of gameplay and other details before you decide which to get.

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