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Ask any veteran gambler, and they would tell you that if you want to win the biggest prizes in gambling, then online slots is the casino game for you. In addition to the big jackpot, slots is also one of the easiest casino games that doesn’t require you to learn any big set of rules or strategies. You would be stunned to know that the biggest slot jackpot to date is not $1 million or $10 million, it is a whooping $38.7 million won by a young guy back in 2003. And, the even more amazing thing is that he placed a bet of just $3 before hitting this jackpot. This is not a one-time event, every day gamblers from across the world are winning millions of dollars of jackpots.

If you want to win the highest slots jackpots you should be playing on a progressive slot machine. This machine is different from the ordinary machines, as you would find in the following explanation. The unique thing is that the progressive pot keeps getting added with a percentage from each of the bets placed by all the gamblers in the online casino. In addition, if you are playing in a larger brand online casino, the percentage would also come from the other sister online casinos. This is why progressive jackpots are so big – they keep growing in amount.

You can expect the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot to be as high as 20 million to 1. However, when a player hits the jackpot all those odds just vanish. You can hit it just anytime, even on your first spin or you may never hit it. It’s all dependent upon luck. What makes this version of slots so much interesting is that you get the chance to win a few million dollars even if you are playing with a bankroll of $25 or $50. Even if you fail to get the jackpot, the good thing about online slots is that there is a good chance to win a few hundred dollars.

If your goal is to have more fun with your small bankroll, then you would do best by playing on a flat top online slot machine. However, there are many novice and veteran gamblers who love to enjoy the thrill given by a progressive slot machine. Whichever type of machine you choose, you should play sensibly and take care that you are not risking anything beyond your bankroll. Most of the players, especially in slots get tempted to play more. This is especially because of the lure for the huge jackpots.

If you are playing the progressive slot machine, make sure that you play the maximum coins. They would help increase your winning odds significantly. The odds of hitting the jackpot with a small coin are very low. This also means that you should be playing with a decent bankroll that can last more games. This is why veterans suggest that players with a small bankroll shouldn’t play the progressives.

As with any casino game or even with your business, you would be able to get more only if you are ready to risk more. However, if you are a new player, let it be known that the max coins in online slots are not big in amount. You can always find some progressive machines that offer affordable maximum value coins to fit into your budget. Always keep in mind that the longer your bankroll outlasts, the more your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Playing slot machines online is a fantastic way to enjoy casino games and it’s so much more convenient than traveling to a land-based casino. If you find a good site it’s possible to play for real money or to enjoy free online slots. Visit my websites for guides on where and how to play slots online.

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