postheadericon Today Horse Racing Results Are Vital To The Betting Pro

As gambling pro’s constantly look at their gambling system, specifically in horse racing, today horse racing results make a difference more than ever before. The bettor will use the results to find out what weight a horse desires and what distance it should run at whether or not it is likely to win the following race.

The clever bettor will analyse results to see which horse has performed the best and make a note of this horse for future races.It is common for the professional bettor to note down a number of factors when deciding wether to back a horse the next time it runs.

The first thing the bettor will look at is the distance between the winning horse in a race and the second and third horse, especially in handicap races, as the official handicapper will vary the weight on a horses back the next time it runs.If a horse has run above it’s handicap mark it will receive more weight and if a horse has run below its handicap mark then it will have less weight the next time it runs.

The important factor about weight is that certain horses will improve as they lose weight and start to win again. Other younger horses may have been given a low handicap mark and even though it will increase and put more weight on their back, they will still continue to win as they develop through their careers. The intelligent bettor must take this into account.

The distance the horse was running can also be very important to the sports bettor, because horse would probably be put up in trip or distance next time it runs. As the horse gets older, it generally speaking increases its stamina which allows them to run longer distances. The breeding connected with a horse will determine what its most effective trip might be.

The course where the horse is running also has got an influence how it runs, some tracks are undulating yet others are flat. A small number are dirt and all-weather courses with sand or polytrack surfaces whilst others are turf courses. The tracks also will vary in direction with a few courses running from a left handed direction or anti-clockwise yet others running in a right handed direction or clockwise. Some horses like running left handed and some favour running right handed. Today horse racing results can offer the professional horse bettor all this data.

The final piece of the puzzle is the going or ground conditions of a race. If there has been alot of rain then the ground can become very soft and this effects the performance of certain horses who prefer dry quick ground. However a long dry spell of weather can make the ground firm and hard and ride alot faster and this can affect the performance of horses who prefer soft conditions.

It is therefore a fact that today horse racing results help the best horse racing bettors to decide which horses they will gamble on, the next time they place a bet. The knowledge that they can obtain from examining the recent race results can help them to make money in the long term.

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