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When Rick O’Connell threw the dagger into the chest of the Scorpion King at the Oasis of Ahm Shere, viewers everywhere sighed in relief- yet another sigh of relief should be granted for The Mummy Game, picking up where the first two Mummy movies ended. Based upon these famous storylines, the game begins in the 1930′s when an adventurous wife becomes extremely ill from a set of coveted rocks she discovered. This adventurous wife, just as the enchanting Evelyn was in the movies, is also sadly plagued in her treks- “The Stones of Rancor” she found held a curse- her husband must now fight to discover the cure before it’s too late.

The Mummy Game is not limited to just the husband role; several various combinations of levels and characters have been invented to best suit any player. Playing as a treasure scouring male librarian or a female assassin to aid the dark side is just a mouse-click away. The recognition of the movie plots also lead to the return of the well-known adversaries, including the Anubis warriors with the jackal heads and scary mummies. To flatter all the heroes and enemies presented in the game are the levels and maps as well; they were crafted after movie landscapes and also include voice cameos from the films.

The rousing of an evil princess named Masika is the basis of the storyline, just as Imhotep was basis for the movies- once she has emerged, the Anubis warriors will rise also to help her conquer the world. She, just as Imhotep, wants to take over the planet; the player decides upon beginning the game whether they want world peace or domination by assisting the cause of the princess. A variety of maps, relics, weapons, and character progressions are involved in the deep storylines that make up this game.

The pigmy warriors can be grueling enemies in the game at the Oasis of Amunet, just as they were in the movies. Hiding behind trees and in bushes, these cannibalistic warriors are ready to assault their rivals with a spear before consuming the bodies with their razor sharp teeth. Worrying about the characters innards can be a problem as well, considering the nesting scarabs that dwell and feast inside bodies; they are scattered all across the land of Amarna, which is the location of the plot. The aforementioned threats can be emncountered in all the maps, including the Ruins of Tabari and the Bazaar, incorporating the mummies and Anubis warriors- as well as life-sized scorpions with venomous stingers.

Any browser can open this 3-D game to be played for free online. The trailer is just a sneak peak and gets the users excited for all the fast paced plots and action involved in this entertaining game. Click on your browser now to play The Mummy Game and hand-pick your fate today. ”

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