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Ever since the advent of casinos years ago, one game has consistently remained a firm favorite in casinos and on the internet and that is blackjack. Interestingly, with all the popularity this game enjoys in almost all casinos, it is often avoided by those who are new to the casino scene because of its seemingly complicated rules and ins and outs. For those who have some good black jack strategy, walking away with big winnings is no hard task.

The main objective for a player in this game is to amass 21 points in total for every hand they play. Any number that is close to 21 is also good but it should exceed it. A win comes from being one better than the hand of dealers who have to play with a total of 17 or more and with hits of less amounts which gives a player major advantage.

If it turns out that the first two cards one gets add up to 11 or a number less than 11, the player draws another card. Irrespective of the card that a dealer is showing you, always play keeping with the assumption in mind that he is hiding a ten.

Should the cards a player have add up to a number between 12 and 16 which is treated as a danger zone, whether one draws or stands is decided by what a dealer is showing. A player should draw until they go past 16 should the dealer have a card that is anything from 7 and more, going up to an Ace.

You should not draw another card if the dealer has a card showing two to six. There is however an exemption to this rule which is that you should draw an additional card if the card that the dealer is showing you is either a two or a three.

No other card has to be drawn if a player has cards whose value is between 17 and 20. There is also an exception here and it is that another card can be drawn if one has a soft 17 or 18 and this is the case if one is holding an ace. This is the thing to do if one is being shown a card from 9 up to an Ace.

It is good to remember that for the most part, insurance or holding out is not advisable. The reason for this is that betting on the dealer gives a player a Blackjack or 21. The whole idea is to play to beat the dealer and not to bet on the dealer beating you.

Before trying your hand at Black Jack and other game played in casinos for that matter, understand that there are rules. Adhering to them does pay off so take the time to learn them, understand them and keep to them for a better chance of a win. Playing without getting the rules is like walking into a battle field without any armor.

It could be that luck is a part of winning something at the casinos, at the races, the lottery or other games that are mostly about chance. It is however important that one understands the rules of a game in order to have the best chance of walking away with winnings. Therefore, even as one hopes that Lady Luck will make an entrance while one is playing, it is of greater importance to have some really good black jack strategy.

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