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A capital market is a setting that allows for Forex trading. This is basically the buying and selling of items just like any market. The only difference being that the items here are long term securities. These include shares and bonds. For a firm to be listed here, it has to comply with certain regulations. One such is compliance with corporate governance. This is a system by which companies are governed and controlled. There are certain codes of best practice that firms should comply with or provide reasons for non compliance. All the codes are compulsory for firms in the United States.

A share issue is usually a way of funding the operations of the company. They are normally issued at a price to private individuals or to members of the public. The issue to the public is usually more hectic. A firm must first obtain listing in the stock market. For this to happen several regulations must be complied with and a certain fee paid.

Companies that issue shares are those with substantial capital bases and those that undertake huge investment projects. Issuing shares is usually a way of financing these projects. Shares are issued to private investors or public ones. Stock markets facilitate the latter option.

These institutions offer share of the company to the public and also act as underwriters. They are specialized in brokering and usually demand a substantial fee for doing this. As you can see, this process is expensive.

The one described above is a primary one. A secondary one on the other hand allows for existing investors to buy other shares and sell the ones they own in the stock exchange market. These markets not only deal in this kind of security.

It essentially is agreeing to paying interest accrued and a premium at the end of the term of the debenture. Entities benefit from obtaining funds as a result of issuing bonds and shares. The interest paid on bonds is usually tax exempt.

The cost of issuing bonds is therefore lower than that of shares. Investors also benefit. They can buy and sell securities in Forex trading and obtain positive capital movements. Shareholders are also paid dividends on their shares when the company reports positive results. Bond holders have the right to be paid interest regardless of the performance of the firm.

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