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A 6DOF destructible environment and a combination of single player gaming combined with MMO is the base of an online space shooter game named Miner Wars. During the game play, the player is required to control an advanced mining ship on an asteroid belt in an open world area. Harvesting necessary ore, discovering secret mysteries, fighting enemies, and digging through massive tunnels are the goals the player has during gameplay.

A combination of cooperative, you against everyone, or single/multiplayer game play is seen during the storyline of this online space shooter game. There are a massive amount of potential missions, such as search and destroy, theft, racing, pure harvesting, base defense, stealth, base defenses, rescue, and many more possibilities.

The whole environment in the game is constant and can be destroyed. Roaming through a lost asteroid, mining through a tunnel for mining skills, or making secret base operations can all be done within this game. You have the skill to destroy any massive asteroids or take up using an asteroid buster rocket. You can also build-up an ambush on any unsuspecting victims by waiting in a tunnel for them to arrive after you have dug through it, making the possibilities limitless.

In order to fly correctly as well as use combat to its fullest degree, mental and physical skill need to be acquired. Pure player ability and skill are all that is needed in order to get to the top of the game, not completing levels or goals. There is the potential of upgrading a ship to have an edge in the field though. Most features of the game can be easier on a player once he acquires a ship that helps him with everything. Things such as large battles, hit and runs, and mining can be done a lot quicker when a player chooses to play with a certain ship over another, even though there are no restrictions on what ship to use.

The games play presents the player with seamless change from outdoor settings to indoor settings. Players can enter large asteroid bases and stations full of loot and enemies to encounter. Powerful multiplayer combat fights in both outdoor and indoor settings are also a choice of the player and their opponents. Every ship has the ability to receive upgrades on a space station, which has large varieties of different weapons, engines, radar systems, armor plating, maneuvering, thrusters, mining equipment, and other types of ship upgrades. This game would be optional for anyone who likes playing online space shooter games during their spare time.

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