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There is someone who defied the odds, however, even if it wasn’t exactly the way you might expect.

Patricia Manzitto of New York purchased a couple of Blue Moon Bucks scratch cards from a vending machine in her hometown. According to her claims, the machine spit out one of the ticket bottoms unattached to the top – so, naturally, she decided it was worth taping it together when she realized that the damaged ticket was a winner. The prize was worth $25,000 dollars.

Manzitto was over the moon. “”Both of us (she and her husband) are screaming and jumping up and down.” In fact, she was so excited that she spent almost half of the $25,000 before she even received it or validated her ticket to lottery officials, purchasing $700 worth of lottery tickets, a new car, and giving out cash gifts to her grandchildren.

Imagine her disappointment, then, when the claims office rejected her ticket, saying that it was a fraud and couldn’t be counted as valid. Upon examining, they said that the designs on the ticket halves didn’t even match up properly. Nonetheless, Manzitto was determined to battle anyone who would listen to her that it was an honest, real ticket.

As luck would have it, Manzitto would be righted in the end – whether her story was true or not. In October of 2011, her will to win the lottery paid off, and she won $3 million from another New York scratch card game. This time, the win was legitimate. You have to wonder how the lottery claim office felt seeing her again.

Nobody really likes a cheater, but is it really cheating? Did she alter two tickets, or was it just one ticket? Some people are certain it is cheating, and others are a little more flexible and say it is not.

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