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postheadericon Big Brother Bingo Review and Free Bonus

Big Brother Bingo is the 6th bingo company to be released from the Joy of Bingo Network and as we’ve come to assume from this camp, the site is standalone and has a themed style that suits the Big Brother name perfectly. Like other bingo sites before it, what Big Brother Bingo has been doing is as impressive as the likes of Tasty Bingo; a fresh, relevant homepage look and a theme that carries on featuring all that Big Brother Bingo offers.

A feature we hadn’t witnessed on other websites on the network is the unusual first deposit bonus format for first time depositors. As an alternative to supplying a cash match bonus on first deposit, Big Brother Bingo supplies the Stairway to Swag. Every time a player registers a new account at the website and makes their first deposit of at least $5 they are then capable of play the Stairway of Swag. The bonuses offered vary from 10p to $5. That said, with bingo tickets starting from merely A penny each, it will be easy to play quite a few games of totally free bingo due to this marketing promotion.

It takes no time at all to register at Big Brother Bingo and in contrast to many websites who supply no deposit required bonuses, no financial details are needed to get in on the bingo action and meet other housemates.

Within minutes it is possible to login and visit the lobby to see what the website has to offer. When it comes to bingo you’ll find just two variants of the game available, 75 and 90 ball bingo, but what Big Brother Bingo is lacking in in bingo variants they certainly compensate for with their selection of slots.

Additionally there is a range of jackpot games available to pre-buy at the site and you will find a whole wide variety of promotions available. The schedule of promotions change fairly often so it is really worth checking back to see the newest promotions from this brand, you could be winning a little Big Brother memorabilia or even a visit to the house itself!

We love that Big Brother Bingo makes such a serious effort to seem like the inside of a Big Brother house and the bingo caller actually sounds like the voiceover man from the reality show! Toss in themed bingo calls, a selection of special offers and guaranteed jackpots, Big Brother Bingo seems like a fantastic place to play online bingo at.

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postheadericon Be Very Impressed with These Mobile Casino Special Deals

Mobile casino bonus promotions could be a bit profitable for players if the returns are generally big enough in order to increase the house edge. As a casino mobile website member, you may immediately get wagering your chosen betting title.

But which mobile betting site is able to offer the best incentives responding your needs? You will see that there is no direct answers as various mobile casinos have to offer different bonuses, conditions and terms for betting their promotions, plus games allowed for wagering the rewards.

Usually, bonuses appear as points that can be used to wager in various mobile casino games. Generally, bonus deals are given to players who have (1) just became a member of the house signing up his first account; (2) created a deposit; (3) referred someone to join up with the casino mobile site; (4) tried playing a brand new game or using a brand new feature; plus (5) made high bets in certain games.

There are lots of other kinds of perks being offered, however generally it all depends on your own selected mobile casino games gaming website. Such rewards may also be in an increased payout form, extra starting cash or a reward for winning initial wage. Various mobile casinos have different guidelines, promotions and reward offerings. Whatever the mobile casino bonus may be, it is still the main attraction for any handheld device user who wants to start wagering and seeking to earn extra money.

More than being a marketing trick, offering bonus deals is also a good way of adding free cash to a player’s mobile betting pocket. Collectively known as promotions, mobile casino bonuses differ from hosts to hosts. You may get approximately more than a thousand dollars or more once the casino mobile website matches your initial deposit.

It is usually best to see very carefully the house conditions of betting their mobile casino bonus promotions to avoid any confusion when it comes to the winnings withdrawal. If a certain mobile wagering website has bizarre requirements in obtaining bonuses or even their incentives are very hard or totally impossible to achieve it would be the best to leave this site, locating another.

Starters are also assisted with bonus deals by most gambling houses. Understanding how inexperienced these budding bettors are, small initial deposits are usually needed to receive matching the funds incentives.

For High Rolling customers, who’re planning to invest big sums of money to savor mobile casino games entertainment, virtually all betting websites offer special VIP treatment along with higher and more possibly profitable perks which may spawn into a hundred percent matching deposits house money. It is only right for clients or even enthusiastic gamers to get bonuses. Mobile casinos should provide back to keep their members inspired in using their sites.

Have a look at casino mobile and you will uncover the best deals. You can also visit this particular link (What Do You Think) today.

postheadericon Dream Bingo Bonus

For good gambling fun, amazing rewards, friendly banter and, of course, enormous cash cash payouts, Dream Bingo is the ultimate place to play. As one of the UK’s hottest Bingo websites, Dream Bingo works hard to guarantee it’s roomies have the very best gambling experience around, which includes dishing out the prizes and jackpots which dreams are created from!

After you’ve registered an account at Dream Bingo you’ll be given a 300% Welcome Bonus. That means that we’ll triple your deposited amount and include that amount to your account. A $10 deposit will result in a full $40 to spend time playing with and we’ll even toss in an additional $15 for all new registrants. With that Bonus money to splash you’ve got lots of scope to get to find out all of the amazing games offered – and win on them as well!

Whether or not you’re a fan of 75 or 90 Ball Bingo, casino games, or perhaps instant win Scratch Cards, Dream Bingo has something for everybody. The daily Bingo timetable is always full of different games to keep roomies amused and earning. Look out for FREE Bingo every single day in the Cash Castle, BOGOF Saturdays, Princey’s Prize Night and a whole lot more.

The regular monthly Megapot and Big 10K games provide the greatest Bingo prizes, so be sure to buy your tickets far ahead of time to be in the running for one of these massive jackpot awards. Dream Bingo even offers a unique chat feature, allowing roomies to get to know one another while they play, as well as to take part in fun-filled Chat Games. These take place roughly each five minutes and are managed by Dream Bingo’s own Chat Hosts. Don’t lose out on this exciting, social part of the website, along with the possibility to secure Bingo Bonuses (BBz) to increase your gaming and chance of winning some cash.

Casino game titles and Scratch Cards are available to try out 24/7, so whenever you’re feeling lucky you are able to log in and play for real cash prizes.

Dream Bingo dishes out regular Online bingo or Casino Bonus deals to keep your account balances topped up and there’s even the Dream Bingo Loyalty Club that rewards you each time you play. The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you’ll acquire, which can then be redeemed for a Casino Bonus so its possible to get pleasure from more casino gaming and earnings with us!

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postheadericon Posh Bingo 250% Bonus

Posh Bingo is a leading internet bingo site available to players in Britain. It offers a superb collection of online bingo games and a wide selection of instant games, both of which have an fervent following amongst players.

Posh Bingo got a remodel in March 2012, however the value offered by the website has not changed. First-timers are warmly welcomed to the new look Posh Bingo with a 250% welcome bonus on amounts from 5 to 100, but being a frequent player is rewarded too with a totally free 50% bonus on every single re-deposit. Look out for special weekend offers that see even more bonus cash made available.

Wagering requirements are just 2x the deposit and bonus, but to cash out faster players may choose to forfeit any leftover bonus funds. Each and every month there are a number of exclusive guaranteed jackpot games for game enthusiasts to pre-buy or perhaps earn free bingo tickets to play and of course free bingo remains a huge part of what Posh Bingo is providing. Enjoy 2 daily 50 free bingo games and lots more between 10am and midnight every day.

The online bingo game titles at Posh Bingo include 90 ball as well as 75 ball bingo games. These are typically accessible in standard form along with special deals like no deposit bingo, penny bingo, team bingo as well as speed bingo.

Posh Bingo provides exclusive promotions regularly, with tourneys and special games with large cash jackpot prizes and attractive non cash prizes like gadgets, shopping coupons, etc. There’s also two progressive jackpots within the bingo games, one each on the 90 ball plus 75 ball bingo games. This online bingo website also offers mega promotions for popular holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year to name just a couple, in which the prizes and jackpots are on a really massive scale.

The instant games at Posh Bingo will surprise any fan of compelling side games. With scratch cards, online slot machine games, casino games, and arcade games, Posh Bingo members are spoiled for choice. The Posh Bingo slot is the latest addition to the instant win games menu. This unique online slot and others offer you progressive jackpots where the player can win large money prizes. The progressive jackpots on the instant games can easily earn a gambler up to 50,000 in prize cash. Posh Bingo also originates from the Joy of Bingo network and is undoubtedly one of the premier websites on the UK internet bingo circuit.

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postheadericon The Pro Betting Money Management

Regardless of how good your betting skills are, there’s not a way to consistently profit from sports betting should you not manage your betting bankroll correctly. Should you wager all of your betting money on every game, it just takes one to get you bankrupt. This really is a clearly exaggerated example. It is true though, that people focus on the possibility of a big win and not on keeping their bankroll alive. Absolutely, without doubt you need to know more about managing you betting money correctly, because it’s the essential component of your pro betting approach. It is money management which makes the main difference between gambling on sports betting and investing in it like a pro. Below you will find a couple of simple tips that should help you here.

What’s Your Betting Edge?

If you are just starting out, this is simply not possible to estimate. When I began betting on my own predictions, I assumed I probably had no edge at all. While I hoped I could make money, there was no way to be sure. I knew there was a chance I was going to break even or lose money in the long run. I wanted to have a safe betting bankroll, that would let me not to be afraid of losing it all. I decided to only bet on one football (soccer) league (because you should focus your betting, don’t bet on everything), probably one to three bets each weekend. I multiplied the mid figure (two) times the number of rounds for the season, which for the league I bet on is thirty. So I ended up with an amount of sixty bets. To have a cushion in case I end up just getting it wrong a lot, I decided that a betting bankroll of fifty (50) units, which is essentially 2% per bet, should be enough. I ended up making a profit but it was extremely comfortable knowing I’m not exposed to too much risk.

Have you a sample of bets already, you can find out what your betting edge is quite easily. Just take a look at your Return on Investment number (ROI) and that’s all you need. If it’s 15%, that just means you have a 15% edge over the bookmaker in the long term. Naturally, the bigger the sample of wagers, the more accurate the figure. Fifty wagers sample is a nice starting point for you to start looking at this figure.

No worries if after individual 50 bets you lost money or are around break even. Soon you will gain more betting knowledge, your skill will establish together with your edge. First concentrate on how to manage your the betting money and risk to actually remain on the field. And enjoy your betting!

Odds are Important

Average odds should be the next factor you need to consider. It is different if you wager on a tennis player to win at 2.00 odds and on an underdog golfer to win a large tournament at 20.00. Within the second situation, a bigger bankroll is required to withstand the likely longer losing runs. On the other hand, in case you win a bet, you win a pleasant amount.

Moving back to our betting edge estimation, let us have a look at two good examples in which you have 10% Return on Investment over a pretty big sample of bets:

1. Betting on soccer, average odds: 2.00

2. Betting on horses, average odds: 20.00

It’s rather easy to see, that with the first scenario one would (statistically) hit a win a little more often than in one of two matches. While in the latter case it’s once in roughly 18-19 wagers.

You could obviously change your stake if you bet on a wide range of odds. I’ll show you an example to make thinks a little bit clearer. I generally bet on odds around 1.75-2.80 region but occasionally, if I spot a very good value opportunity, I take longer odds (5.00 or 6.00). If that’s the case, I only stake half of my normal amount. So I essentially use 2 stake sizes: 1pt and 0.5pt. There are guys out there that like to vary that even more than me. And you can consider that too if you bet on wide odds range often.

Loss Tolerance

This is personal for everyone. It’s all about figuring out how much of your betting money you are (possibly) willing to lose, without hurting your betting confidence too much (and your personal life too).

I look at this figure in percentage (%) of my total capital. I said earlier that when I started out, I set it to 50 units. I accounted my possible losses when deciding this as well. If my edge and thus ROI would be really negative (this would generally mean that bookmakers would have edge over me, not the other way around), like say -30%, over 60 bets (the whole season) I would lose 18 units of that set amount of 50. That’s something around 35% of my total betting bankroll. One unit was quite a little amount then. I was just beginning my betting adventure and didn’t really want to put too much at stake early on. And losing this much was really my worst case scenario, I actually expected I could be better than that.

Start small

I would simply like to remind you once more that you should perceive your betting as a long run investment, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s truly tempting to start big and take your chance of winning a lot of money right away. Believe me though, that’s not a good idea. You don’t have any idea how big your edge is, if there even is any. So why risk too much at this point? Start betting with smaller amounts and go bigger as your skill and experience level rise.

You’re correct. If you happen to be an extremely talented bettor and start winning right away, you’re not going to make much money. But thinking about money from the start is not the way to go. Treat that first period as a time when you work on your skills. And don’t forget to use the pro betting principles I talk about at ProBettingBlog site – do game analyses, research, put your work into each pick. Whatever your stakes are, I am sure you will still feel great when your horse or team wins. You’ll feel unhappy if it fails to do so. And can even go mad during a long span of losses. That may be a fantastic chance for you to experience emotions involved with pro betting. And while doing so, not be under too much pressure moneywise. I myself started with absurdly tiny stakes, 5 dollars a point or something, and I still remember how real those feelings were. I truly loved it! Don’t be hurry, raise your stakes over time.

Chasing Losses – Never, Ever Do It!

In a few words – never increase your stakes during a losing period! This may look logical to you, because this may let you get your money back faster. Regrettably, this is not often the case. It’s more probable that you lose your whole betting bankroll by doing this. Especially as feelings get in the way and your skills may not work as they should. Many times you’ll feel a deep need to bet more and more, immediately value starts appearing at every corner. This is something many punters face sooner or later, but you absolutely have to overcome those temptations on your way to success. This sounds easy enough but believe me, it is not. Using tips I described in this document will help you with making correct decisions. Remember, your aim is to invest in betting and not gamble your money away.

Don’t Bet More Than You Can Afford to Lose!

You should know this by now but I want to just say that once more as I wrap this up. Don’t use money you need to pay your rent or buy food with. This won’t make you any good. You should have a separate amount of money set aside just for sports betting. It is a very reasonable advice so never forget about it. Again, I want you to enjoy your betting, not gamble on your living!

If you want to find out more about betting money management and learn more about how to make money betting, you should definitely visit my site – just google Pro Betting Blog.