postheadericon Information You Should Have To Hand Before Wagering On Horse Racing Events

In any horse race you’ll find several factors that will decide the actual end result of the race. Here’s a explanation of several aspects that you have to look at when generating a bet.

The Unknown Factors

So these are the basic stuff that we simply can’t take into account on race day. We really do not know what the condition of the horse is going to be like on race day as fitness can vary greatly on a regular basis just like a athlete will surely have an off day, so may a horse. You can’t account for misfortune on race day either, just like interference and restricting, or falling at a jump or hurdle etc.

The Known Aspects

The Ground

Condition of the surface plays a fundamental part of the way a horse will work, as some perform better on soft ground (after rain), dry (good) or very dry (firm). We can take this into account when thinking about our choices so should take into consideration weather conditions forecast for the day as that can alter the surface conditions and as such have an effect on how our selection races.

Race Distance

Obviously some horses prepare for short ranges and some for longer ranges just like we have sprinters and distance runners in sporting events. The various genetic makeup of the horse will ascertain whether or not it will perform best over 5 or 6 furlongs or longer 1m 4f plus races.

Horse Race Tracks

All horse racing courses include unique properties, some run right-handed while some run with left handed cornering, while some are uphill and some are downhill. Some courses are turf while some are covered using an all-weather surface and some horses favor one course surface above the other.

Stall Number

This may play an important part of the end result for a horse starting from an outside stall might have to run on an outside position and as a consequence races a lengthier race compared to a horse racing on the rails on the inside track position, for example at Chester the track is extremely tight and consistently turning so every horse on the bend startinglow is at a huge advantage, and disadvantage is actually included in the betting prices as the benefit is so clear to see. If you possibly can then detect a less noticeable advantage you can use this to profit from. For example at Folkestone the high stalls experienced a major bonus where the turf ended up flattened out by the horse ambulance.


There are various classes of horses racing with respect to the calibre, with class one being the best and class seven the worst. Quite a few low class races are claiming races in which the winner could be sold following the contest. Handicap events are banded between zero and 70 and fluctuate greatly in class and value as many trainers endeavor to adjust the handicaps by running the horse over distances which are not best suited in their early on days – one should watch out for this.


In handicap racing the weight on the horse is decided by the official handicapper whom allots the horse a “mark” which is actually a number considered to match its current race form. The excess weight can move up and down with each and every event and a rise of say seven pounds would be typical for any race winning horse, while if a horse does not flourish he’ll almost certainly see the “mark” drop and he will probably be allowed to run in lesser handicaps as a result.


Undoubtedly the calibre of the trainer is going to have a considerable influence on the way the horse races and there are some combinations of jockey / trainer that do very well and have great race winning percentages. Its also wise to look out for big money jockeys riding out of small-scale yards since this could be an indication that they want to get the very best out of their horse on a certain run.

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