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There’s a good reason why Riverton Wyoming hotels tend to be sold out well ahead of time. It is, after all, the main gateway into Yellowstone. There’s also the little matter of Riverton being the single largest city in a vast half-million acre region that was cut out of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The city’s size and central location makes it an ideal base for a Wind River Country exploration. The fact that the Big Wind River flows by makes it that much more of an outdoor paradise for visitors. Finding a place to stay is very easy, and travelers can decide which hotel is best based on their itinerary.

The largest visitor group in Riverton at any given time is usually the bunch of park travelers on the way to or from Yellowstone. A lot of them are road-trippers enjoying what is arguably one among the top scenic routes in the United States. Some combine a visit to Yellowstone with other activities such as hot-air balloon rides and recreation at the Boysen Reservoir.

A traveler may arrive in Riverton on US-26 or State Hwy 789 and check in quickly and easily into the hotels lined up along the routes leading in and out of the main city area. One large group of establishments can be found on East and West Main Street. The other one is bunched up along N. Federal Boulevard. Both sets of locations are equally convenient for those who are already in the city, because the two routes intersect in the city center.

Both places are ideal for visitors stopping overnight or staying over for a few days while they explore the natural beauty and attractions in the area. Most hotels here are family-friendly establishments offering family suites and all kinds of amenities and facilities that make life easy and just like home for couples and their children. They are also more likely to be pet-friendly, although it’s best to confirm this while booking.

Expect everything from in-room cable TV and telephones to swimming pools and Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Other common-use facilities and services that guests will find available include laundry service, fitness centers, parking for trailers and RVs, etc. Many properties also have on-site diners or restaurants that offer room service, continental breakfasts, and coffee or tea around the clock.

Some guests who are tourists may want to go sightseeing and visit all the famed Wind Country attractions. The most popular tourist hotspot is the burial site of Sacajawea. The site is inside the Indian Reservation, and is easily accessible from the hotels. The casinos are another big draw. Thousands more come every year on specific dates for attending one of the many fairs and festivals that are held here annually.

The Riverton Wyoming hotels near the city center are ideal for all these visitors. They will have full access to business centers and meeting or conference rooms with audio-visual equipment. Regardless of the choice of hotel or its location, it’s a good bet that the stay is likely to be comfortable and the trip highly memorable.

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