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Wyoming has many adventures to offer for the brave. One of this is the Wind River, a 185 miles winding body of water which changes its name to Bighorn River when reaching Thermapolis. This river name originated because of the miscommunication that happened with the previous explorers.

In the Wind country, you have plenty of things to do and this involves trekking, climbing, and horseback riding. This spot is surrounded by mountains carving to a lake that allows you to fish as many as you can and spot rare animals in the flesh. If you are the type of person who likes to challenge yourself, then read through the adventures you can pursue in the Wind River WY.

If you are up for some hiking experience, the Wyoming Wind Range offers an endless track for exploration. It could be long enough before you can spot any sign of civilization. You can find vast vegetation, thick forests, and hundreds of small lakes along the backpacking adventure. Capturing a panoramic view of the lush and rocky state can be possible by walking through its endless peaks.

People who love climbing can be overwhelmed at this place. There are many towers that you can climb when you reach the Cirque of Towers. Around winds, you will also find a lot to climb but not as much as the other spot. However, you should not miss watching hundreds of years old glacial activities near it.

Talking about the Cirque of Towers, it is considered as the climbing paradise of many because of its rugged set up. You might confuse yourself which tower you should climb when you get there. Moreover, the difficulty level varies from tower to tower so if you are planning to upgrade your mountaineering skills, this is the place to be.

The Gannett Peak is also known as the best spot for professional mountaineers. Many have said that amateur climbers must think twice before taking the challenge to climb it. It is the highest peak between Yellow Stone and Winds so the level of difficulty is much higher in there. Plus, the remoteness is said to be the most challenging part of the journey.

The mountains in Winds can be an alternative for those wanting to relax. The luscious evergreen and the lakes down below is such an amazing view. You can also see bears and mountain lions. Although, it is best to stay away from them as much you can. Overall, seeing the mountain side is the main dish for the hungry tourists.

Here are some preventive measures before going to the Winds. First of all, always wear your mountain gear and protect yourself no matter what happens. Next, always stay with the group and never separate. Then, do not go near wild animals because they might harm you especially the grizzly bears.

Lastly, the best time to visit the winds would be summer. The alps have already melted and climbing have been opened to everyone. Furthermore, you can also go there in the winter for skiing. Always remember that the weather could change from time to time in the Winds.

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