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With housing shortage, finding a place can become a strenuous task. You have the option to rent an apartment where everything is cramped and filthy and parking is at its most difficult, not to mention having noisy neighbors. Also, there is the option of staying at a hotel with all its perks and aura of glamor. Believe it or not, staying at a hotel could be better than staying in an apartment, and here are some reasons why.

If you think having a hotel residence is expensive, think again. First off, hotels in WY are generally located in the heart of things, so access to basic services are easy. Security is also not an issue, because there are guards and security cameras that monitor the building and the surrounding area.

Hotels also give out a lot of free items to its residents. Freebies include bath essentials, toiletries, condiments, office and school supplies, and complimentary breakfast, so you can keep your hard earned money for emergency situations. If there are things you need but are not found in your room, you can ask for these and the management will gladly provide you of your needs.

Keeping your living quarters clean will never be a problem, especially for busy individuals with a full plate and can not make time to clean. Your bathroom will always be neat will all your used towels gone and your toiletries arranged meticulously in order. Your sheets and and all bedding will be changed everyday. You do not have to mess up the kitchen by cooking, just order room service. Plus, all those dirty dishes will be gone before you know it.

A room is also already fully furnished, so you will not have to spend anything for furniture than if you were staying at apartment. You can even have your own microwave oven and a small refrigerator if you are lucky. Aside from your own clothes and a few very personal things, you do not need to buy anything for your room.

Visual entertainment never runs short for residents, what with an outstanding TV programming. A lot of hotels also have one or more premium movie channels. Internet access is guaranteed to be fast and reliable. True, these cost a bit high, but it is money well spent.

Amenities like pool areas, gym, even yoga studio are all yours for the taking if you choose to live here. You can visit these as often as you can, especially if you need to get away from stress. What is even better is that you do not have to worry about cleaning the pool because the staff already does these jobs for you. If you have children, some hotels boast of a play area where they can enjoy themselves.

Hotel living also takes the horror off electric bills. Since some hotels are already LEED certified, electric bills are not as nearly as high as people may think it to be. Also, heating and cooling costs are already included in the rate, so you can really save more while basking in unparalleled comfort.

Another wonderful thing about staying at a hotel is the sense of freedom is gives. Residents are freed of all the usual home chores so they can do more things. They are freed of the commitments to a year long lease, so they can move out anytime without hitches. All of these and more are quite excellent reasons to stay at a hotel. You get more out of life and spend it in comfort and luxury.

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