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postheadericon How To Play Roulette Using The Insurance Roulette Betting Strategy

Have you ever heard of betting for insurance in a roulette online game? These are extra bets where you don’t necessarily bet the whole bankroll but make sure that you got most of the betting zone covered. Some betting strategies have insurance bets while some don’t. Strategies that use the insurance system doesn’t necessarily ensure a win but it does improve your odds of winning if you place the insurance bet properly.

Using the insurance roulette

This betting style is newer compared to betting systems that existed in the past that are still used today like the Martingale and the Fibonacci betting strategies. The generic way of playing this strategy is to place a bet on either the 1st dozen or the 3rd dozen of the betting zones on the roulette wheel. This way you have 33% of the wheel covered. As an added insurance, make a bet equivalent to double of your other bet on the lower half or the upper half of the roulette betting zone. The half is either 1-18 if you chose the 1st dozen and 19-36 if you chose the third dozen. If you chose the 1st dozen then bet on the lower half, otherwise place you bet on the lower half.

As an example, if you bet 25 dollars on the 1st dozen, you must bet 50 dollars on your insurance bet on the numbers 1-18. If the ball goes to any number where your bets over lap you will get a larger win. If the ball lands on the numbers between 13-18, you will get a smaller profit for the insurance bet.

If you lose using this bet you must double the stakes on the next bet. If your initial bet is 25 and 50 you should make it 50 and 100 in the next bet. This part is taken from the Martingale system.

This is a great strategy because instead of a 1 out of 37 chance of winning if you bet on one number, you have an 18 out of 37 chance to win in your insurance bet and 12 out of 37 chance to win on both your dozen bet and your insurance bet. Practice with the strategy first on roulette online before playing major sessions.

This article explains how the insurance roulette betting strategy works. For more information about casino roulette, click here.