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postheadericon All About NFL Weekly Pick Em

Usually when people think about fantasy football games, they think of the old standby game, where players take control of a complete team for themselves. They start by going participating in a draft and then manage the team each week. This type of game is still played in great numbers all over the world. However, there are other options when it comes to playing online sports games. One such option is NFL weekly pick em.

This is not only fun for players, but also a lot easier to manage. As the name suggests, folks simply need to sign in each week and pick winners. Basically, one just looks at the games scheduled each week and tries to determine which team will win each match up.

Picking winners sounds like an easy enough task. But it is not as simple as one may think. Every week, people are astounded by one or more amazing upsets. And then there are really close games in which there really is no clear favorite. Both teams are about equal and maybe the only thing separating the two is home field advantage.

This is an ideal fantasy choice for people who simply do not have time to log in every week and start trying to make trades, search the waiver wires and swap players to and from the bench. Having to follow who is injured, placing them on the IR, and getting a replacement can take a lot of time. People often get sick of the drill and eventually stop playing.

These pick em games are also prefect for folks who are not completely familiar with all the players out there. While many fans know every single player on every single team, some fans do not. Some fans are more casual fans and have a basic sense for what teams do well and what they do not. So, just predicting who will win is an easier, less stressful contest for them.

These pick em type games are becoming more and more popular. Many sports sites offer them for free. The prizes are enticing and worth the effort. A simple internet search will yield many matches and hook you up with sites where, for just a few minutes each week, you can compete for gift cards, electronics, cars and even cash prizes.

As stated earlier, playing is not as simple as it may seem. Doing just a little research may help play a role in how well you do. For instance, checking into some weather forecasts could help you decide on certain selections. Or it may help to know which teams regularly practice on artificial turf.

Certainly knowing about any major injuries on a team would be beneficial. You surely do not want to choose one team only to find out later that their star quarterback will not be playing that week. Interesting little stats can also be useful. This could be things like knowing that some teams tend to play better in the early games, or on Mondays, or in October.

Everyone loves to play games. And when you can win fun prizes, it is even better. Getting involved with an NFL weekly pick em game will only add to your enjoyment of the sport of football that you love so much. Happy Sunday!

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