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postheadericon Baseball Handicapping: Arenas

MLB stadiums are something to see and many fans travel countrywide each year simply to see various venues in the big leagues. From your old ballparks that include Fenway Park, Wrigley Field as well as Yankee stadium to the newest and most modern baseball fields such as PNC Park in Pittsburgh, arenas will almost always be exciting to see.

Nevertheless the baseball handicapper has to have a different look at each ballpark when they plan on making profit while wagering on baseball. This short article describes everything.

Stadiums signify something very different to the baseball gambler. Each stadium will give you a new challenge while betting on baseball. For the wild handicapper that doesn’t research on every single venue it could possibly finally end up costing a large amount.

There are plenty of examples where understanding the design of the baseball field can help enormously. A perfect example is the ball parks in Oakland as well as San Diego. Both ballparks have plenty of real estate making it much harder to hit home runs.

Actually Oakland is known for the expansive foul ball territory that they’ve got which allows more foul balls to stay into play and be caught for probable outs. This could have a very huge effect on the totals and if you should bet over or under in every particular game held in one of those vast stadiums. In actual fact it could be said that every arena has a unique characteristic.

For a few stadiums it simply happens to be the location instead of the characteristic of the actual park. Since the Rangers play in Texas the heat is always an issue especially in the hotter months that should be considered. When the Colorado Rockies first opened their arena, due to the high altitude baseballs were flying out of the park causing totals to get higher and higher as the runs accumulated.

In Yankee Stadium a left handed player has a shorter distance for home runs, and Fenway Park has the green monster a giant wall in left field only a short distance away. Each park has something more important to consider so the intelligent handicapper will research up and be prepared.

Even though the stadiums are an essential aspect to include when preparing to bet on a baseball sport, it is not the only one. has assembled a handicapping page showcasing some of the most unique tools in the baseball betting world. Many of these betting tools are located in one place for quick use and a guaranteed way to make money betting on baseball.

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