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postheadericon Fans Are Excited That Battlestar Galatica Is Finally Released As An Online Game

Since the first episode of Battlestar Galatica in 1978, this well-known television show has made appearances in many different forms, such as board games and mini-series. Now, in addition to narratives, comic books, and board games, comes an exciting online version sure to please die-hard fans. While many aspects of the show have not been changed in this transformation, some new ideas have been added sure to please any follower. Thousands of people have already joined the hysteria this MMO has revealed; play Battlestar Galatica Online now and join the search for Earth, the legendary thirteenth colony of man.

Following in the footsteps of the original plot, Clyons are still waging war against the humans in a race of destruction. Several space crafts and important characters have remained the same as well the many that have been changed and newly introduced for the continuation of the story. Players can select which side to engage- assist the human population by piloting a Colonial Viper or help eradicate them by becoming a Cylon supporter. Level and character progressions are encountered as players move across the Milky Way on their destined path to help or harm the human race.

Several thousand players can simultaneously interact with the MMO capabilities of the innovative Battlestar Galactica game. Not one but two intense clips are enabled on the website to tempt users to try this action-packed game. Apollo, Starbuck, and Admiral Adama are a few of the personalities kept from the original script for protection of the people. ‘Chief’ Tyrol is yet another personality that has survived the generations and is best known for the care of the safety of his crew members.

Even though humans brought life to the Clyons, they have been in battle with them for over forty years. Their missions are not completed until all humans are rescinded. They use specific planes, such as the Marauders or Heavy Raiders, and utilize the best disciples, Six for example, to use any armament at their disposal to complete their missions. This Clyon, who individuals may play as, is just about single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the Twelve Colonies through her seduction of the rogue human Baltar.

Screenshots on the website show explosive battles and annihilation by both sides in this enthralling version. Players may come and go as they please in this persistent world to pick up where they exited at. Players from across the nations must come together to preserve their teams; each side has been impaired so deeply that they are barely operating- it is up to each individual to pull their weight in repairing the ships while warding off other hazards, before they’re shot if the other side repairs first. The Battlestar Galactica MMO is a game sure to please all kinds with its clever twist on the traditional but popular plot from the television series.

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