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I could not think that the town’s shy and unassuming mathematics junior high school teacher, Fred Smith would one day be a renowned individual of sorts. I did not even think that he could be a wealthy individual. Fred became a rich celebrity and along with that he was a kidnap victim a few months ago. But then I’m going too fast for you.

Let me tell Fred’s fascinating tale. It has been over two decades now since my acquaintance Fred engaged in the lottery. Through all these years he has he has not scored a thing in the lottery draws. What I mean is not one cent more than a hundred dollars. In seventeen years, Fred hit forty dollars twice and another eighty five dollar triple numbers selection. But then a few years ago, Fred started his astonishing winning run. He now has an unbelievable nine lottery wins.

For twenty years, Fred was tirelessly conducting scientific research on the lottery draws. He was trying to discover the algorithms that govern the lottery draws. He was investing the $100 every week buying lottery tickets for his research. In the over twenty years of playing the lottery, Fred has spent a fairly large sum of cash but that investment he has regained.

Fred Smith is now the undisputed lottery software king. These past three years, Fred has scored over five and a half million dollars. Fred has also made seventy eight other lottery winners with the aid of his lottery software and many of those were multiple winners. Fred revealed that his lottery software has been the cause for accrued winnings of eighteen million dollars to date and is increasing every week.

His lottery software is sold to the public on Fred’s own on line company. The lottery software has proven to be practical by the many testimonies of its buyers. The lottery software has been in the market for nearly two and a half years now.

Now, this I have to add. Three months ago, Fred was snatched from his newly built mansion just outside of town. The kidnappers seem to be members of a religious group who accepts as true that money is the source of all evil. Fred was abducted from his house into a mountain cabin and held for three days. They asked Fred to stop selling his lottery computer program because people were profiting from it. Well, they did free Fred only after he promised that he would stop selling. Last month, after the abductors were apprehended and taken to prison, Fred began selling his lottery computer program again. These past three weeks alone, the lottery software enabled three people to win over a million dollars.

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