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postheadericon Effective Racing Tips For Today

It is important to follow racing tips for today because they help people stand a better chance of winning in horse races or rather performing well in them. One may want to be associated with a horse depending on its past records of victory or simply how strong it is. For instance if the horses have past records of performing well in races, they should make good choices for winners.

This cannot be considered as an effective scientific method and does not make it any less effective though. People have different spiritual beliefs and what is totally agreeable with is that brains can be very powerful and can do a lot that are incomprehensible. Therefore, if one really thinks that a horse cannot win the race then he should dare not try to bet with it.

There are different types of betting and in this one; one is required to pick the winners of either three or six consecutive races. The award in this scenario is usually big and therefore worth it. It is very difficult to win on this and it is also not impossible to win.

It is not advisable to bet an inexperienced jockey. It is always recommended to allow it gain experience to avoid fall offs or any other thing of the sort. If the horse has been out of race for sometime, it is always because of illnesses or any other setbacks and therefore one should watch it first and be assured that it has recovered well before betting with it.

A perfect bet is that of a horse that one is most certain will win the race or rather compete effectively. The horse must be one that has a history of winning races and will most definitely win the next race. It is a little risky to take chances with horses that have no history at all or are new to the game.

Playing high odds and low strike games is recommended. Backing up good selections with high striking rates and good stream of winners make sense. It is wise to have reliable and solid horses at the front because it ensures consistent and steady profits.

Among the many racing tips for today, it is also advisable to choose the winner of either three or six consecutive races. The sum of awards in this choice is big and hence, worth it. Despite the fact that it is always hard to win on this, a good and energetic horse that has a long history of winning may surprise people.

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postheadericon Racing Tips For Today For All Betting Persons

Thousands of people go to event such as horse racing yearly and such events are a great way of interacting with family and even making new acquaintances. You may be attending these races so as to be rich by means of betting and for this very reason racing tips for today will help you make wise betting decisions that will assure you of making money.

If you want horse race betting to be fun and also to be profitable, then plan on winning the bets and not losing. You can only win the bets if you know what exactly is going on in that racing field and you can do that by understanding and mastering the sport inside out. Be the one who always goes home with the wad of cash and a big smile at the end of each horse racing event.

You can place a bet on a horse race that is identified as single, straight or a win bet. Simply put, this is the most basic bet there is in horse racing where you only get to bet on a single horse at the odds that are provided. When your horse crosses as position one on the finish line you win but if he does not come position one then you lose.

The second kind of betting is referred to as the place stake. In simple definition, this is whereby the horse that you have placed your gamble on should come in first or second for you to win but if it comes in third or any other number then you lose the bet. Good thing with this bet is that you can reduce your odds of losing.

The third type of bet is called the show gamble and this is whereby you bet such that if the horse that you have selected emerges to be position three, two or one, then definitely you take home your wad of cash but if the horse does not occupy these positions then you have to concede defeat to the other gamblers.

The fourth type of bet in horse racing is the Pick three or six bet. This entails choosing a winning horse of six or three successive uninterrupted races. This bet is worth the risk because if you can select the winner of the consecutive races then the price is extremely high as compared to the other bets.

In Racing tips for today, there is another bet that you are encouraged to try and this is the daily double stake that involves you picking the winners of the opening two races of the day and this means you have to be there before the races begin.

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postheadericon The Planet of the Apes Meets Online Poker

I’m sure everyone at one time or another has seen a painting of a group of gentlemanly canines engaged in an anthropomorphic game of poker as created by Cassius Coolidge in his wonderful series of poker playing dog paintings. But check this out, the artists whimsicality was not entirely removed from reality. You may be nave enough to think that chips and chimps cannot play together as a team and it sounds more like something out of a Douglas Adams novel. Should you ever play online poker with a player who has an ape photo for his icon, it may not have been just a player with an odd sense of humor, the dude that took your money by his excellent play may really be a poker playing primate. I kid you not. Apes can do a lot more than wield tools in this twenty first century of technological advances and “intelligence explosion” they can also beat you at online poker.

Primate Programming Inc has established that great apes (sharing 97% of their DNA with us) make efficient IT specialists. Individuals are employed by PPI, undergo training and offer their services to PPI clients for peanuts. A later PPI discovery was that the same employees, for purposes of pastime or secondary sources of income, are capable of being taught to play online poker, evincing particular talent for no-limit Texas Hold’em.

These card-playing apes are drawn to no-limit poker due to their natural bent for playful displays of aggression. So, this particular feature enables them to be particularly proficient at aggressive bluffing. In no-limit games, any player can bet his entire wad at any time, a strategy (?) requiring risky, aggressive behavior and the ability to retain a poker face while bluffing.

Since online poker games are anonymous, this helps our poker playing primates. You cannot determine who is of the human persuasion versus the ape persuasion. The human types have actually lost thousands of dollars to a player who played the early rounds with betting very little money and showed lame cards on a regular basis then out of the blue bet big time, of course, everyone in the game called, and the big time better revealed aces. Our winner was undoubtedly jumping up and down and pounding his chest in glee.

Apparently, and not coincidentally, the primate poker players early employment as computer programmers led them to independently, according to PPI, create programs to aid and abet their poker game. PPI is not talking about the specific contents of these programs. These apes could have a professional online poker career, but that is not their nature. Once outside the office, they will probably neglect their training and revert to being the real primates they are, propelling themselves with their arms from branch to branch and climbing fences. In any case as long as they are paid, fed and have their girlfriends and boyfriends nearby, they will continue with their poker games. Authors of no-limit poker books should take note. They may have to come up with some rewrites.

There is ongoing investment of money and effort taking place in the research of these programmer apes. Norm McAuliffe, a Yale biology Phd and the scientist leading the discovery research team at Primate Poker Inc is now hiring profitable primate-players to play for cash in rotation shifts 24/7. Mr. McAulliffe is very much committed to his business model and plans to continue his work.

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