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postheadericon Las Vegas and Atlantic City – Gambling Dens in the US

Both Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the only places in the US where you can indulge into gambling without looking over your shoulders. Of these, Las Vegas is the older gambling city. Both cities have casinos that are there exclusively for your pleasure. Here the betting rates are sky high.

Atlantic City is new to gambling and therefore the casinos and their facilities are also new. They provide all the variants of poker there, including the Chinese variant Pai gow. However if you are too lazy to exert yourself, then you can relax and play the Big Six Wheel. All you have to do is to bet on a symbol or a number. The wheel will be spinned by the dealer and you win if it stops on the digit or pictogram that you have picked. This is the easiest way to win (or lose) money.

If blackjack fascinates you, then you can play “21″ or the Spanish 21. You have the multiple payoff slots on which you could also play blackjack. They also offer craps tables and roulette.

The resorts here in Atlantic City are of the highest quality. And the diners are not as cheap as in Las Vegas. There isn’t as much entertainment here either. Moreover, in winter you will find that the casinos in Atlantic City are closed.

You may call Las Vegas, “the land of sin”,as the city in itself can be referred to as a gambling den. Here you can find hotels everywhere, established with the sole purpose of entertaining you. Not only will you find casinos filled with gambling in every possible form, but you will find that there are also other forms of entertainment that will rivet your attention. The casinos are there to please you; they also provide you with food and drinks.

The city thrives on the revenue that these casinos generate, so they have a lot of freedom. They organise concerts at their entrances, where people can watch them for free. And since there are no restrictions, you can move freely from one casino to another. You can be sure that your needs will be satisfied.

Las Vegas was one of the first gambling cities in the world. USA prohibits gambling, so Las Vegas became the only place that you can gamble. Many people go there every year because of that. Las Vegas enjoys a very pleasant climate being a part of the Mojave Desert. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, so the facilities there remain open all the time. Atlantic City has to close down their gambling facilities during winter because the winters there are too harsh.

There can be no competition between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, nor the casinos there. Las Vegas is definitely the better of the two. It is the oldest and most well known gambling city, and has the best of everything. Even online gambling cannot pose a threat to them.

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