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postheadericon Baseball Handicapping: Arenas

MLB stadiums are something to see and many fans travel countrywide each year simply to see various venues in the big leagues. From your old ballparks that include Fenway Park, Wrigley Field as well as Yankee stadium to the newest and most modern baseball fields such as PNC Park in Pittsburgh, arenas will almost always be exciting to see.

Nevertheless the baseball handicapper has to have a different look at each ballpark when they plan on making profit while wagering on baseball. This short article describes everything.

Stadiums signify something very different to the baseball gambler. Each stadium will give you a new challenge while betting on baseball. For the wild handicapper that doesn’t research on every single venue it could possibly finally end up costing a large amount.

There are plenty of examples where understanding the design of the baseball field can help enormously. A perfect example is the ball parks in Oakland as well as San Diego. Both ballparks have plenty of real estate making it much harder to hit home runs.

Actually Oakland is known for the expansive foul ball territory that they’ve got which allows more foul balls to stay into play and be caught for probable outs. This could have a very huge effect on the totals and if you should bet over or under in every particular game held in one of those vast stadiums. In actual fact it could be said that every arena has a unique characteristic.

For a few stadiums it simply happens to be the location instead of the characteristic of the actual park. Since the Rangers play in Texas the heat is always an issue especially in the hotter months that should be considered. When the Colorado Rockies first opened their arena, due to the high altitude baseballs were flying out of the park causing totals to get higher and higher as the runs accumulated.

In Yankee Stadium a left handed player has a shorter distance for home runs, and Fenway Park has the green monster a giant wall in left field only a short distance away. Each park has something more important to consider so the intelligent handicapper will research up and be prepared.

Even though the stadiums are an essential aspect to include when preparing to bet on a baseball sport, it is not the only one. has assembled a handicapping page showcasing some of the most unique tools in the baseball betting world. Many of these betting tools are located in one place for quick use and a guaranteed way to make money betting on baseball.

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postheadericon How To Be A Successful Bettor

You surely know there are quiet a few things to think about when betting. For example, I imagine that you quiet often places bets without being sure about either one of the participants. You place your bet with your sense and feeling. And, let me guess, aren’t just those bets almost losing bets?

I can admit that it was that way for me anyway. Until I went to a ball game with a long time friend, who actually told me his little secret he always used when he was betting. I tell you this without any kind of overrating, that was a changing point in my life.

So what did my friend say to me?

Infact, he said the simplest little thing that he always do before he plays his bet. He checks the statistics for the players/teams that are playing. But to check stats is fairly easy, if you just know some sites that are providing such things. It can be on the online betting company’s site, or a Live Score site that provides tables and backwards counting stats, or the club’s home pages.

The important thing is to check for theuseful stats, as my friend said to me.

He looks at the 10 previous season’s meetings between the teams, the 20 latest games for each team, and if any player’s are injured or banned. It’s that simple.

By following his blueprints I turned my loosing streak to a winning streak. The first month I gained 53 points! If I would have been betting stake would have been $100 I would have made $5300. That’s insane, but to tell you the truth I didn’t have that kind of money to spend. But I won money with this method, and that’s the main thing.

This story is from two years ago, and today I could call myself I professional bettor. Every month I am putting away around $5000, so my friend’s advice was pretty good. It helped me out in a turbulent time of my life with very low cash flow in my account. His helping hand was the wake up-call I needed,but the thing is that his trick is good enough when you are playing with smaller amounts, $70-$100 per month. But I looked further ahead.

I got almost addicted to the stats and the feeling of security it gave me. I placed a bet and knew that I had at least 70% chance of winning. But the stats I looked up were too few to be truly secure, so I started to look around on the web for some programs or sports statistics providers. I found a few, but I also found some betting systems programs. Some of them were ok, some bad, but those who was working were using a quiet huge bit of statistics.

If you are about to try out your betting success, do research about your bets, check the stats. If you want to try a betting pick service or another software, make sure they use stats to predict the results. And don’t let them fool you!

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postheadericon Guide To Be A Betting Champion

Are you tired of all the mumbo-jumbo program and services that just cost you money and doesn’t provide you with the winning stakes they promises?

First thing’s first. To be able to Win at Betting, you will have to get the latest information about the game or race. It’s also to your benefit if you have the latest stats, but also statistics from earlier.

Now you might think that recent results are the only thing that matters. Sorry, but that isn’t true. The history will by fact very often repeat itself.

To be able to think of betting as an investment, instead of pure gambling, you will have to spend quiet some time to check all these stats before a game. Look for all possible stats and conditions. For example, if it’s an outdoor sport, how’s the weather, is someone injured and even things like there has been a fight or disagreement between anybody in the team. Everything can be important.

Isn’t there some programs and services which provides you with the best tips of the day?

Yes, there is actually. In fact there are plenty of these services. The problem is that they doesn’t work that well as they promises. If you have tried one or a few you know what I’m talking about.

Mainly all of them work like this: They provide you with the three best betting tips, and then you place your bet at a betting company. If you’re lucky you win at 30% of the betting tips. That’s not good enough, because they get payed to provide you with these tips!

I did find only one betting program that is working properly, Z-Code. I like it because they for real provide you with all statistics. You get a lot of information about the games, and give you all the stats you’ll need. And it’s really easy to understand all information they are giving you, so that it’s really helping you.

There are also the possibility to meet other people who are using it and chat about games and bets, if you want to. I’m not very much into that myself, but it seems like some people are.

The chat room is a convincing in the aspect that you really can meet other people who for real are using this program with some profit.

The conclusion here is that betting success comes with time-consuming analyzing. The betting services on the market are mostly useless. So before you place your next bet, do your research.

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postheadericon How to think when when you’re betting

I start off with telling what most people are doingwrong when betting. They place bet with their feelings and intuition, oftenly because they bet on their favourite team. A bet that “feels” right, is often the worst of all.

Why is that so? Well, basically it is in our human nature. The main reason that human kind has come to where it is today is because of the ability to feel.

The evolution of human race hadn’t come this far if it wasn’t for the abilty to make the right choices. And to back your choices up with something, you use the only measurement tool you had. Namely you feelings and senses.

So what the mumble has that to do with betting, you think. I’ll explain.

The humans whom survived in the past, developed an ability to learn from the past. The things that had went good before, would most definitely work again. This way, the individuals who could take advantage of earlier experiences to make better decisions would also outlive the individuals that couldn’t.

The intuition is our best friend in those situations. Therefore it has always been an advantage to “feel” what to do.

But when you’re applying this instinct to betting, this same intuition very often will lead you the wrong way. You would filter everything through those feelings and make decisions from that, rather than taking the actual circumstances into a count.

See where I’m going here? To do this instinct to your friend, you have to do research. Take real statistics to load up your knowledge base. That way you have the tools to make the right decisions. You no longer need to follow the “feeling” that one team is the stronger. So what you really need is a statistics base. Because what happened in the past will reapeat itself. Again and again.

Where can you find statistics? Think about it for a moment. You will probably come up with some useful sites. Remember that notonly recent stats are important, but also previous and historical stats will matter.

To help you out here there are some good programs that will make it easy to find the useful statistics. The one’s that are good provides you with facts, and make it easy to know what to expect from those single events you want to bet on. Bets on real facts are the most secure way to win money on betting.

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postheadericon Which betting service to choose?

Interested in making money? Then of the safest way to do so is making money on betting. With some help of one of the few good betting services on the internet today, you can make alot of money. Much more than any instable Forex trading will do.

A lot of people did lose a huge amount of their money, when the financial crisis first came. In the aftermaths of that, the Forex trading systems has become very risky.

As I mentioned, betting has become a much safer way to make money. But you really should take some help from some betting service. But you really shouldn’t use one of the automated punter’s, of the simple reason those only provide you with randomly picked betting tips.

What you really shold do, is to choose a service that provide’s you with real information and stats. Then you can build a picture about the bet on your own, before you place your bet!

There are not many of such programs out there, but there are a few. The main reason to that is that it takes a lot of time from the program providers to do all research. But not all of them are that good either, which makes it harder for you of course.

You surely hear all the time that people lose money on betting, and of course that’s true. That is because of, in the extent of 85-90%, their lack of true information about the game. They filter everything through their feelings, without any real information to back up their bet with.

So what you should do is to read a guide about which programs that really are working, and provides you with good information and all the statistics that you’ll need. Then you just should choose the one you feel is the right one for you. Hope you all the best in your search for money.

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