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The Transfer Window which is in January excites all the football fans, the clubs and the players alike. Football clubs can sign new players to their teams twice per one year, which is something that usually strengthens them. The two transfers occur during summer and winter. The summer transfer open on the 1st of June, and ends on the 31st of August, while the winter transfer lasts only through January.

In August, at the beginning of football season, many teams are full of successfully signed players. Managers have two options: they can promote young players, coming from youth teams or reserves, or they can sign players coming from other clubs. The goal of this is to make the attack, defense of midfield stronger. When players are selected from youth teams, they usually don’t need a period of time to adapt to the way of playing, but if they come from other clubs, this period is necessary in most cases.

Some perceive signings as risking, because new player or players cannot guarantee they will fit well in their new team, thus there is no guarantee they will play as well as it is expected from them. When players who are demanded by the fans signed the teams usually pays a lot of money for them. These conditions make a pressure on the players, and due to the pressure they sometimes are unable to play as well as they usually would.

“Panic signings” are the signing that occur in January. When teams “buy” players they really need to have, it’s called a panic signing. A team manager needs to sign a good attack player if their team is nose-diving because of problems in that area. When the fist choice players don’t perform well or are maybe injured, the managed can sign new players during the January window.

There’s a little blip in the January transfer if compared to June. Most high profile players in January are cup tied. It is not a practice for European clubs to buy players who participate in the UEFA Championship league. If one player is cup tied (he participated in that competition in the current season with his club), he can’t play for some other team. These players are allowed to play in domestic leagues only if they do get signed.

When a player is bought in January, it usually means that the clubs who sign them had them planned for a long time. Before the players are signed, there scouts, sent by managers, who watch them over and over again. It is not easy to sign a player. The sum of money needs to be settled between the two clubs when a player is signed. The new club will offer to player the match bonuses, weekly wages and annual percentage, and the player needs to agree to all of it. If players who are free agents are signed, apart from everything else, their new club also needs to pay the sign up fees.

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