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The Transfer Window which is in January excites all the football fans, the clubs and the players alike. Football clubs can sign new players to their teams twice per one year, which is something that usually strengthens them. The two transfers occur during summer and winter. The summer transfer open on the 1st of June, and ends on the 31st of August, while the winter transfer lasts only through January.

In August, at the beginning of football season, many teams are full of successfully signed players. Managers have two options: they can promote young players, coming from youth teams or reserves, or they can sign players coming from other clubs. The goal of this is to make the attack, defense of midfield stronger. When players are selected from youth teams, they usually don’t need a period of time to adapt to the way of playing, but if they come from other clubs, this period is necessary in most cases.

Some perceive signings as risking, because new player or players cannot guarantee they will fit well in their new team, thus there is no guarantee they will play as well as it is expected from them. When players who are demanded by the fans signed the teams usually pays a lot of money for them. These conditions make a pressure on the players, and due to the pressure they sometimes are unable to play as well as they usually would.

“Panic signings” are the signing that occur in January. When teams “buy” players they really need to have, it’s called a panic signing. A team manager needs to sign a good attack player if their team is nose-diving because of problems in that area. When the fist choice players don’t perform well or are maybe injured, the managed can sign new players during the January window.

There’s a little blip in the January transfer if compared to June. Most high profile players in January are cup tied. It is not a practice for European clubs to buy players who participate in the UEFA Championship league. If one player is cup tied (he participated in that competition in the current season with his club), he can’t play for some other team. These players are allowed to play in domestic leagues only if they do get signed.

When a player is bought in January, it usually means that the clubs who sign them had them planned for a long time. Before the players are signed, there scouts, sent by managers, who watch them over and over again. It is not easy to sign a player. The sum of money needs to be settled between the two clubs when a player is signed. The new club will offer to player the match bonuses, weekly wages and annual percentage, and the player needs to agree to all of it. If players who are free agents are signed, apart from everything else, their new club also needs to pay the sign up fees.

1 can spilt the football stats public into two groups, in general terms.

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One oft he most famous football teams from England, apart from Manchester United, Arsenal and a few others is surely Aston Villa. The team was established a long time ago by its originators, Frederick Matthews, William Scattergood, Jack Hughes and Walter Price. Since 1879, they started their competition against Birmingham City and the clash started ever since. The winners of season1982/1983 were the Aston Villa and they one of four guilds who succeeded in getting the UEFA Champions League.

We will make a quick review on the Aston’s statistics on their away games in this article. The stats are only as interesting at first glance, after which it fades to but a distant memory.The way you look at it, they seem very good but then when you observe some more, their skill aren’t that great.In all their games, one goal was reached at least once, not necessarily by them. It was the opposing team who scored. The Villains/The Lions, as what the boys from Aston Villa are called, did not accomplish their 100% victory in their away games This just denotes that they just let go at least one goal every game.

All the games that they were victorious, the opponent scored at least once. Their goal statistics, per game, reflects the on average, they concede two goals but scored only once. The misfortune is that they score at least once in a game but their opponent scored twice. Not something they are to be proud of. All the teams prefer their home courts that is why there is always a dilemma if the team plays away from home. The team isn’t at their best whenever they play away from home. As soon as the management was revised, the team showed a negative impact.

Their manager had to leave the team, on mutual consent, due to his bad heart condition, and it is possible that his departure had some negative impact on the team. During the Newcastle United and Aston Villa game on the 22nd of August, they lost six to nothing, thus concluding that they are better hosts than guests. Their biggest defeat while in their home advantage was to Arsenal with the final score of four goals is to two. They were able to win against Wigan Athletic, Arsenal, West Ham United, and Wolverhampton even though they played away home.

When we speak about the corners awarded to the team of Aston Villa, there are no good news either. They were awarded 9 out of the 84% the team played away from home. 5 corners, and surprisingly, they used only few to their advantage. The opponent majorly used their corners. We are all hopeful the stats and the success of the team will be better in the next season.

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The Barclays Premier League, as its name suggests, is the premier football league in England. It gets the name Barclays Premier League because Barclays bank are the main sponsor. From the original football league division 1, it was established in 1992. The revenue that was coming into football from satellite television was increasing day by day that is why the clubs take this decision to form the own league. In terms of commercial revenue, due to the increase in income the Barclays Premier League continued to become the top league Europe focused in the days of the football league to becoming the worldwide brand that the Barclays Premier League is today and an important role is played by television in increasing the Barclays Premier League exposure being from UK.

Three teams are promoted each season from the below championship to the Barclays Premier League and the Teams at the bottom third are regulated again to the championship. Manchester United have dominated the league winning the title 12 times, Since its foundation in 1992. At the time of writing (2010/2011) Manchester United are the current champions.

The most attentions from bookmakers is received by The Barclays Premier League because it is the highest profile league in the world. A huge range of of betting markets is available in a a commercialized game of Barclays Premier League Is is not the way to way to make betting on the Barclays Premier League pay to bet on high profile teams. Win market contain no value for these Manchester United to win at home at odds of 1. 25 to 1, gives a return of just 25 pence from a 1 stake.

So it can pay to think a little more creatively. Of course, we expect Manchester United to win, when they play at home. We can use Footydata’s foot data can be used by us to find common stats and dominant teams and this is valid in all leagues including Barclays Premier League For example, A team that makes the most goals and corners is usually said to be strong Indirectly we can still back the strongest team and can also get better odds on these makets

Use foot data to number crunch some of the lesser known betting statistics and markets, if you are looking to bet on the Barclays Premier League. One will get better odds and returns than betting on the most high profile markets in BCL which involves the big famous teams You must remember that bookmaker makes most of his money the straight win bets involving the big teams, These are the bets they want you to make.

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